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Planet Ark Power is a leading provider of innovative solar, battery and microgrid solutions for commercial and industrial facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

Products and Services

We have a complete portfolio of clean energy technology solutions for customers in commercial and industrial infrastructure. Our solutions help businesses reduce their energy costs, gain energy independence, add value to their buildings and help to meet their sustainability targets.

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Commercial and Industrial Solar PV Systems We specialise in the design, installation, and commissioning of commercial and industrial solar PV systems. All our solar systems are engineered for performance and longevity. We support our solar systems with operations and maintenance contracts, solar system monitoring, and solar generation guarantees, giving our customers a high degree of confidence in our solar systems.
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Solar Car Parks Maximize solar energy generation and profit from underutilized space. Applications such as integrated solar car parks require a deep knowledge of solar, battery storage, EV charging and electrical networks, something that Planet Ark Power brings to the equation.
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EV Charging Stations We develop smart EV charging solutions with greater functionality. Our smart integrated EV charging solutions creates the opportunity for our clients to earn income through selling charging services, FCAS and energy arbitrage trading, helping to accelerate the advancement of the public EV charging infrastructure underpinned by higher margins and greater returns on investment.
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Battery as a Service Battery as a Service allows commercial and industrial sites, campuses, government, and large energy users an opportunity to manage energy demand and reduce costs, enhance critical infrastructure, and create a new income stream without an initial capital outlay. The eleXsys technology is essential to create the optimal conditions on the electrical network, to enable the battery to operate at peak efficiency and at peak capacity, maximizing investment potential.
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Microgrid as a Service Microgrid as a Service allows commercial and industrial sites, campuses, government, and large energy users an opportunity to stabilise future energy costs, enhance the performance of critical infrastructure and create a new income stream without the initial capital outlay. Our behind the meter microgrids feature the eleXsys technology, battery storage and local solar or wind generation, to deliver a full suite of benefits and services.
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Our Microgrid Project

Enabling the transition to a clean energy world
Planet Ark Power is transforming IKEA Adelaide into a grid-connected, clean energy microgrid enabled by the award-winning eleXsys Energy Management System.

Why Choose Planet Ark Power

Planet Ark Power aims to deliver the most financially attractive, high performing and reliable clean energy solutions to our clients. Clean energy solutions that deliver measurable energy and cost savings at the same time helping to address our client’s sustainability targets, over the lifetime of the system.

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320+ Commercial Solar

Planet Ark Power Icon - CO2e Savings

40,000+ tonnes GHG Savings

Planet Ark Power Icon - Solar PV System

320 MW System Capacity

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$10 Million+ Energy Savings Delivered

Engineering Expertise

We employ some of the most experienced and talented professional engineers in the energy industry, with unparalleled expertise in clean energy, microgrids, battery storage and edge of grid solutions. Their deep expertise in utility operations and engineering, help us develop solutions that are more reliable, higher performance and with greater energy generation.

Performance Guaranteed

We lead Australia’s solar power industry with our 5 year Solar Generation Guarantee, offering peace of mind that your solar system will continue to save you money both now and into the future. We use the highest quality products from bankable, leading manufacturers, and our installations are ensured by Clean Energy Council accredited installers.

Optimised Financing

It’s easier than ever for business to go solar with Planet Ark Power. We offer flexible financing options such as Capital Expenditure, Chattel Mortgage or Power Purchase Agreement through our finance partners.

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Master Licensee of eleXsys Technology

Planet Ark Power has achieved the distinction of been appointed Master Licensee of the eleXsys technology for Australia and New Zealand. The Master Licensee program is a worldwide network of eleXsys Energy certified system integration companies in the fields of clean energy generation, microgrids and energy services. Master Licensees are trained and certified by eleXsys Energy in the application of the eleXsys Energy Management Platform.

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