The Queensland Solar and Battery Grant for Small Business Program

Planet Ark Power is an approved supplier for Small Business under the program announced 19 November 2018. Please note we do not supply residential solar or battery systems.

About the program
  • Only Queensland Government certified suppliers are allowed to offer systems
  • For small business, they are eligible, if qualified, for $3,000 as a grant towards a solar system or battery system, in addition to existing incentives for solar
  • There are 1,000 packages available
  • Please go to the following Queensland Government web page to check your eligibility:
Not eligible? Request your free commercial energy analysis

Where you aren’t eligible, we would still be pleased to offer you with our no-obligation commercial energy analysis, which you can obtain by providing us with some simple information: a power bill and your authority to collect your electricity usage data.

You can provide us with this information by either completing the contact form expressing your interest in the commercial energy analysis and we will contact you to collect the information or you can provide the authority and your latest power bill online
Should you have any queries about the program, our free commercial energy analysis or some other energy question you can request a live chat or call our Sales Desk on 1300 187 343.

Power Your Business with the Sun and Smart Batteries

Investing in clean energy isn’t just about saving the planet.

It’s about cutting costs today so that your business can thrive in the future. Planet Ark Power puts businesses and organisations in control of their energy, creating customized clean energy and battery storage systems that are cash flow positive from day one.

See how much your organisation could save

You could be wasting tens of thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of thousands, each year.

Get our no-obligation commercial energy analysis to see why solar is the right investment for your business.

What is our commercial energy analysis?

Using our proprietary engineering software, we identify areas of savings, including (but not limited to):

  • incorrect tariffs,
  • inefficient patterns of electricity usage,
  • poor power quality,

and more.

Fill out the email below and then click on the link below it to get an example commercial energy analysis.

Request a No-Obligation Commercial Energy Analysis Today



Our engineering team employs some of the most experienced engineers in the energy industry. From solar generation connection, network integration to service delivery and maintenance, our team has a deep history in utility management and research.


We lead Australia’s solar power industry with our 10-year performance guarantee, offering you peace of mind that your system will continue to save you money both now and into the future. We integrate only the highest performing products such as REC Tier 1 solar panels, Schneider Electric inverters and balance of systems, and power factor correction into our systems. The quality of our installations are ensured by our installation partner, ASX listed Service Stream.


With offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, we have capability to install systems almost anywhere in Australia. Our operational management team, in-house Clean Energy Council and Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland accredited engineers and electricians oversee our network of national installers.


It’s easier than ever for businesses to go solar with Planet Ark Power. We offer the best financing option for you backed by the Commonwealth Bank. Options include Operating Leases, Equipment Loans and Power Purchase Agreements.

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GoZERO Energy Pty Ltd trading as Planet Ark Power. It is a renewable energy engineering company focused on providing a total solution to save businesses on electricity costs and to help power a cleaner energy future.

You’ve probably heard the name Planet Ark before. After all, Planet Ark has spent the last 25 years creating groundbreaking environmental campaigns. In 2016 we connected with Planet Ark to create a new Renewable Energy programme under the banner Planet Ark Power.





Grants and Awards

  • Planet Ark Power’s sister company, Elevare Energy is a recipient of funding from the Ignite Ideas Fund – Advance Queensland (2018)
  • Planet Ark Power was one of the four recipients of the “next wave” South Australian Government’s Renewable Technology Fund Grant in partnership with Schneider Electric (2017)
  • Schneider Electric Solar Partner of the Year in Australia (2016)
  • Ignite Ideas Fund Recipient
  • Schneider Award Solar Partner of the Year 2016