Cleaner energy.

Lower cost.

Enabling the transition to a clean energy world

Planet Ark Power is transforming IKEA Adelaide into a grid-connected, clean energy microgrid enabled by the award-winning eleXsys Energy Management System.

Master Licensee of eleXsys technology

Planet Ark Power has been appointed Master Licensee of the eleXsys technology for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Planet Ark Power is a leading Australian renewable energy company focused on providing comprehensive clean energy solutions that help businesses and organisations cut electricity costs drastically and build a sustainable energy future.

Our expertly engineered systems reduce business grid supplied energy and demand charges, replacing them with clean solar power, battery storage, microgrid technology and improved efficiency.

Your Long-Term Partner for Clean Energy Project

Why Planet Ark Power

Planet Ark Power is your trusted partner and expert in solar design, installation, cost and energy optimisation and after-sales support. Our holistic approach provides you peace of mind. Your solar investment will deliver promised energy and cost savings throughout the life of the system.

Planet Ark Power offers a complete turnkey solution inclusive of installation, commissioning and monitoring. We specialise in commercial and industrial solar, battery storage, micro-grids and electric vehicle charging solutions. 

Engineering Expertise

Our engineering team employs some of the most experienced engineers in the energy industry. For solar generation connection, network integration to service industry and maintenance, our team has a deep history in utility management and research.

Performance Guaranteed

We lead Australia’s solar power industry with our 5 year performance guarantee, offering peace of mind that your solar system will continue to save you money both now and into the future. We use the highest quality products from bankable, leading manufacturers, and our installations are ensured by Clean Energy Council  accredited installers.

Optimized Financing

It’s easier than ever for business to go solar with Planet Ark Power. We offer a range of financing options such as Capital Expenditure, Operating Lease or Power Purchase Agreement through our finance partners.

National Reach

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, we have capability to install systems almost anywhere in Australia. Our operational management team, in-house Clean Energy Council and Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland accredited engineers and electricians oversee our network of national installers. 

Master Licensee of eleXsys Technology

 Master Licensee of the eleXsys technology

Planet Ark Power is the Master Licensee of the eleXsys technology for the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Planet Ark Power has achieved the distinction of been appointed Master Licensee of the eleXsys technology for Australia and New Zealand.  The Master Licensee program is a worldwide network of eleXsys Energy certified system integration companies in the fields of clean energy generation, microgrids and energy services. Master Licensees are trained and certified by eleXsys Energy in the application of the eleXsys Energy Management Platform.  

Professional Memberships


Grants and Awards

  • Planet Ark Power was a recipient of the Proptech Association Australia, Proptech Awards 2021, “Winner”, Most Innovative Scale Up, Smart Buildings and Cities category (2021)
  • Planet Ark Power was a recipient of the “next wave” South Australian Government’s Renewable Technology Fund Grant in partnership with Schneider Electric (2017)
  • Schneider Electric Solar Partner of the Year in Australia (2016)

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