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Epicurean Products is an Australian owned manufacturer of handmade fresh dressings and sauces that are distributed to partners in the retail and foodservice sectors across Australia.
Epicurean Products’ decision to invest in clean energy alternatives was not just about saving money to reduce electricity bills, they actively pursue and support an ethical supply chain and work continuously to minimize their impact on the environment too.


Epicurean Products range of fresh dressings and sauces reach an estimated two million Australians each week and to install a solar system at the Yandina facility on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast it was necessary to accommodate daily operations, in particular production and delivery demands.

So, Planet Ark Power had to ensure that all electrical works upheld food safety and quality standards, maintained productivity levels, avoided food processing equipment downtime, maintained refrigeration services for fresh ingredients and supported the continuity of supply to retail partners.


The 99.6 kW rooftop solar installation comprises 249 panels. The system is designed to ensure that 28% of Epicurean Products famous fresh dressings and sauces are not just made from organic ingredients but with a healthy dose of solar-generated clean energy as well.

Planet Ark Power’s team worked closely with Epicurean Products operations team to map and mitigate risks and to design an implementation plan for the solar system installation and commissioning.


107 tonnes

CO2e Savings p.a.
Environmental Impact

Solar PV Installations
99.6 kW


more than 10 million dollars of energy savings with commercial solar

Annual Savings
Reduction in power cost

Planet Ark Power completed a 99.6 kW rooftop solar installation at Epicurean Products food manufacturing facility on the Sunshine Coast in September 2020.

With sustainability in the food industry and environmental issues continuing to be a significant concern to consumers, Epicurean Products will offset approximately 107 tonnes of carbon emissions annually with their clean energy investment. They will also save an estimated $500,000 over 25 years in energy costs.

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Epicurean Products’ solar system implementation is just one of several sustainability initiatives being undertaken.
Recently we have implemented food technologies that use natural ingredients to extend the shelf life of our sauces by as much as 100%, thus reducing waste. We have also made changes to our packaging materials, stripping out plastic waste equating to 2,400kg per year.

Tim Spence Thomas, Managing Director, Epicurean Products.

To learn more about Epicurean Products visit their website at


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