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Energy is the largest ongoing expense for the Morayfield Nominees multi-tenanted stand-alone office building in Hamilton, Queensland. Managing Director Anthony Vedelago, rather than look around for a better contract from energy retailers, turned to a source of emissions-free electricity to establish some security and to offset monthly power bills.


Managing multiple stakeholders in financing decisions can often be challenging. Planet Ark Power presented the financial analysis and compared current versus projected. It was presented in a simple and clear way that was easy to interpret and share with decision makers and helped to instil confidence in the final decision.


The Planet Ark Power financing arrangement meant that Morayfield Nominees was able to install rooftop solar at the Hamilton site with no upfront capital expenditure, operating cash flow positive from the outset and successfully reducing the site’s monthly energy bill.

Completed in 2016, Planet Ark Power installed a large-scale solar system consisting of 100 kW of rooftop solar to address the energy needs of their clients.




Solar PV Installations
99.84 kW


more than 10 million dollars of energy savings with commercial solar


Initially anticipated to generate 150,000 kWh with 118 tonnes of carbon emission savings annually – the equivalent of powering 10 households or taking 26 cars off the road, the solar system is performing well ahead of modelling and delivering a benefit to the bottom line.

Morayfield Nominees saw the immediate benefits of integrating clean energy and efficiency solutions into their commercial properties – from lowering their energy bills and a major asset moving forward, to providing tenants with lower power bills and using solar as an incentive when extending leases.

The 10 year system monitoring service supports financial reporting every quarter and helps to identify system issues promptly so they can be addressed.

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As a commercial landlord, I have quickly seen the benefit of integrating clean energy and efficiency solutions on our properties. It provides our tenants with lower power bills and is a great tenancy incentive to extend leases. The systems are ours after the lease period and a major asset for the building moving forward.

Anthony Vedalgo, Managing Director, Morayfield Nominees.


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