Cleaner energy for a cleaner world

Three quarters of global greenhouse gases result from the burning of fossil fuels for energy, this has major implications for the global climate, as well as human health. Renewable energy plays a key role in decarbonation of our energy systems in the foreseeable future.

Solar penetration in Australia has reached a point of inflexion where the levelized costs of solar electricity is less than electrical energy whose source is either coal or gas.

Solar demand is being driven by the sharp price drop of photovoltaic equipment, the rising cost of grid electricity, a marked improvement in performance and reliability of photovoltaic equipment, attractive incentives and rebates, and business’ need to realise financial benefits, commitment to sustainability credentials and to reduce greenhouse emissions.

Planet Ark Power specialises in the design, installation, and commissioning of commercial and industrial solar PV systems. Optional solutions and services include operations and maintenance, and voltage and power quality management.

Our DNA is deeply rooted in solar engineering, electrical networks, battery storage and artificial intelligence and our knowledgeable team have extensive in mapping data specific to each location for a more accurate and comprehensive modelling of the solar PV energy generation, cost savings, financial performance and return on investment.

We understand solar and are committed to delivering the best solar solutions and outcomes for our customers.

Planet Ark Power has an enviable position in the Australian market, and we differentiate from our competitors with the following:

  • All our solar systems are engineered for performance and longevity.
  • We are brand and manufacturer agnostic; we will use the most suitable products for your application and budget.
  • We only use products from global, bankable and reputable companies, with a long history of trading and large install base.
  • Our suppliers have registered offices in Australia in case of service or warranty claims.
  • We use GoPredict software to design solar systems resulting in maximum return on investment.
  • We offer flexible finance options such as Capex, Chattel Mortgage and Power Purchase Agreement.
  • All our systems feature solar generation and consumption monitoring independent of the inverter operation.
  • We offer comprehensive product, installation and performance warranties.