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Commercial Solar

Renewable energy plays a key role in the decarbonisation of our energy systems and the environment. Commercial and industrial businesses invest in solar-driven by financial returns on investment, attractive rebates, and commitment to sustainability.

Planet Ark Power specialises in the design, installation, and commissioning of commercial and industrial solar PV systems, we support our solar systems with operations and maintenance contracts, solar system monitoring, and solar generation guarantees, giving our customers a high degree of confidence in our solar systems.

Our DNA is deeply rooted in solar engineering, electrical networks, battery storage and artificial intelligence. Our expert solar engineers analyze your energy profile and usage patterns, then use our proprietary software GoPredict to model a tailored solar system for maximum return on investment and performance.

We understand solar is a financial decision and are committed to delivering the best solar solutions and outcomes for our customers.

We deliver beyond the ordinary

  • All our solar systems are engineered for performance and longevity.
  • We are brand and manufacturer agnostic; we will use the most suitable products for your application and budget.
  • We only use products from global, bankable and reputable companies, with a long history of trading and large install base.
  • Our suppliers have registered offices in Australia in case of service or warranty claims.
  • We use GoPredict software to design solar systems resulting in maximum return on investment.
  • We offer flexible finance options such as Capex, Chattel Mortgage and Power Purchase Agreement.
  • All our systems feature solar generation and consumption monitoring independent of the inverter operation.
  • We offer comprehensive product, installation and performance warranties.