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Transform Energy Costs into Positive Cash Flow

We make solar viable, helping over 100 Australian businesses lock in the benefits.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Expert engineering + project management
  • Flexible financing
  • 24/7 post-installation support + potential for technical upgrades
  • Potential for technical upgrades

STEP 1 - Discover Your Real Energy Consumption

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    Maximise ROI on a Commercial Solar System with eleXsys® Energy Management System

    Planet Ark Power’s award-winning technology, eleXsys® Energy Management System, gives our client the option to add panels and start reaping further financial benefits by exporting energy back to the grid.

    That’s only possible when you partner with us and install our intelligent grid monitoring and control system. Each Planet Ark Power system with eleXsys® overcomes the localised grid voltage problem and maximise ROI.

    To learn more about eleXsys®, visit

    Why Get the Free Commercial Energy Analysis Report?


    Our inhouse engineers analyse your energy load profile to:

    • Benchmark energy use & find inefficiencies
    • Identify overspending due to incorrect tariffs
    • Predict solar energy production across 12 months at your site
    • Propose an optimised solution to suit your profile

    Latest News

    We Make Solar Viable with a Cashflow Positive Model

    “We’ve been cash flow positive from day 1 which is an amazing situation for us!”, James Sturges, Llewellyn Motors.

    The financing terms see the business paying a monthly repayment on their operating lease that is less than the cost of the energy usage that has been directly offset by the onsite generation.

    Customer Testimonials

    Llewellyn Motors

    "cashflow positive from day one"

    We’ve always talked about a payback time with solar. But what we’ve really been able to achieve with Planet Ark Power is to actually be cashflow positive from day one.

    Wade Llewellyn, Dealer Principal, Llewellyn Motors

    Caloundra - Langs Building Supplies

    Langs Building Supplies

    "monthly savings as predicted in the proposal"

    Using Solar is doing the right thing for the environment. Thanks to Planet Ark Power’s efficient engineering design, we’re also able to create monthly savings as predicted in the proposal. Our multi-site factories are well on the way to gaining the payback promised.

    David Wuiske, CEO, Langs Building Supplies

    Morayfield Nominees

    Morayfield Nominees

    "locked in the cost benefits of solar now"

    As a landlord, I am funding these systems under a finance structure that is cash flow positive from the outset. With energy prices continuing to rise, we thought we’d do well by locking in the cost benefits of solar now.

    Anthony Vedelago, Managing Director, Morayfield Nominees

    Case Studies

    We’ve partnered with over 100 businesses and helped them transition to a sustainable, clean energy future. These are a few of our customer case studies.

    Who is Planet Ark Power?

    Planet Ark Power Team

    Founded as GoZERO Energy in 2014, we partnered with Planet Ark® in 2017, one of the most trusted environmental organisations in Australia. Today, as Planet Ark Power, we are among the fastest growing clean energy providers in the country. In 2019, with the celebrated launch of our revolutionary technology, eleXsys®, at the World Energy Congress, GoZERO Energy took on this name to become eleXsys Energy.

    We combine engineering expertise with strong customer relationships, allowing access to the most technologically advanced clean energy solutions and dedicated after-sales support, carried out in partnership with installation partners.

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