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About Elevare Group

Elevare Group was founded to transform the economics of commercial rooftop solar to create a cleaner, greener distributed energy future. To achieve this, Elevare Group is comprised of:

Elevare Group
GoZERO Energy Pty Ltd t/a Planet Ark Power
Planet Ark Power

The solar energy solutions company offers end-to-end design, procurement and installation services to commercial and industrial clients.

Planet Ark Power solutions overcome industry voltage regulation and the restrictions regulating ZERO EXPORT of excess power.

Elevare Energy Pty Ltd
Elevare Energy

The R&D and IP company that has developed the next generation of smart batteries.

The company’s proprietary dSTATCOM and Elevare Energy Management System enables energy export for commercial rooftop solar to transform project ROI.

Together, the companies provide the technology and the solutions to unlock value from commercial rooftop solar to enable a new wave of installations.

Elevare Group employs 32 staff including five ex-Energex senior electrical engineers with over 150 years of combined experience. With major supply and installation partners supporting our projects, Elevare Group is able to tackle any commercial and industrial rooftop project from kilowatt to megawatt.