eleXsys® a key link in $450,000 microgrid project with Griffith University and leading Queensland researchers

18 June, 2020

Griffith News: Linkage Projects demonstrate research impact

Planet Ark Power’s research partners Griffith University, Central Queensland University, and Macquarie University have received $450,000 from the federal government’s Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Projects to develop secure and reliable microgrids for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The project aims to demonstrate the benefits of innovative, clean energy technology to improve energy efficiency and reliability and reduce end-user energy costs. It will also develop effective responses to energy disruption in a safe environment.

As a part of the research project, Griffith University will create a microgrid at its Nathan campus in Queensland that will be connected to the main grid while also capable of operating independently.

Planet Ark Power’s eleXsys® technology will be the critical link in enabling this microgrid to operate. Integrating eleXsys® will help this microgrid to operate autonomously through powerful and innovative artificial intelligence technology, helping also manage clean power flow to and from the grid. eleXsys® will maintain the AC network while also enabling interconnected commercial building operation.

Working in association with the Peak Demand Energy Management Facility at Griffith University, Planet Ark Power’s innovative researchers will contribute to next-generation research into hybrid DC/AC microgrids and the development of the Advanced Microgrid Energy-Management System (AM-EMS).

This enduring partnership between Planet Ark Power and Queensland’s leading researchers at Griffith University and Central Queensland University began in 2012 during the early stage development of eleXsys®.

This internationally award-winning technology platform unlocks the full potential of electricity networks to integrate multiple times more solar energy across commercial rooftops and transition to a clean energy future.

Planet Ark Power is proud to continue this collaboration with our university partners to improve global understanding of energy efficiency using clean energy technology.

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