eleXsys technology

eleXsys® advanced power electronics device with a suite of AI applications enabling smart grids. It unlocks a whole new world of opportunities.

Planet Ark Power has achieved the distinction of been appointed Master Licensee of the eleXsys technology for Australia and New Zealand and joins a worldwide network of integration companies who specialise in the fields of clean energy generation, microgrids and energy services.

Our expert team have been trained and certified by eleXsys Energy in the application of the eleXsys Energy Management Platform and are experienced in designing and deploying a range of microgrid, solar and battery projects around the country that save energy, create revenue streams, and enable grid stability.

With eleXsys incorporated into your clean energy solution, you can unlock a range of benefits including a robust, flexible, scalable, and proven solution that can be configured to any market or geography.

Integrating eleXsys into clean energy projects

eleXsys Energy Management Platform is a powerful device that improves power quality and voltage regulation at the point of connection, enabling solar and wind assets to performance with maximum generation output and with no power curtailment.

The eleXsys® can be used as part of a microgrid, to charge and discharge batteries to maximise self-consumption, manage demand charges, or provide back-up power. It also presents an opportunity to create a new income stream through FCAS trading and energy arbitrage.

By combining these functions into a single device controlled by Ai based software – the innovation at the heart of eleXsys® – and delivered through a Software as a Service model, it unlocks vast opportunities for customers as clean energy solutions can be tailored to any user, market or geography.