eleXsys technology

eleXsys® — advanced power electronics device with a suite of AI applications — enabling smart grids. It unlocks a whole new world of opportunities.

eleXsys Energy Management Platform

Planet Ark Power has achieved the distinction of been appointed Master Licensee of the eleXsys technology for Australia and New Zealand and joins a worldwide network of integration companies who specialise in the fields of clean energy generation, microgrids and energy services.

Our expert team have been trained and certified by eleXsys Energy in the application of the eleXsys Energy Management Platform and are experienced in designing and deploying a range of microgrid, solar and battery projects around the country that save energy, create revenue streams, and enable grid stability.

With eleXsys incorporated into your clean energy solution, you can unlock a range of benefits including a robust, flexible, scalable, and proven solution that can be configured to any market or geography.

Integrated eleXsys Into Clean Energy Project

The eleXsys technology combines software as a service (SaaS) energy software and a unique grid edge device to improve the stability and capacity of electricity networks.

This proprietary combination of software and hardware means existing networks can fully utilise distributed energy resources, such as locally produced solar and wind energy, and battery storage, without undergoing expensive grid upgrades.

eleXsys is founded on fundamental and proven engineering principles and technologies to solve voltage instability, namely static synchronous compensation (STATCOM) that has been used in and by the power industry/power electronics sector for some time. However, eleXsys is unique in how it is designed and applied to an electricity network.

eleXsys Devices, December 2019

elexsys Grid Edge Device

eleXsys is an industry-first, compact, rack-mounted device controlled by AI based software that delivers services previously provided only by the use of multiple devices.

The eleXsys proprietary distribution static synchronous compensator (dSTATCOM), combines several critical elements required to manage voltage (solar inverter; voltage control; power factor correction; battery charger and speed control).

It is 3-phase, 4-wire and grid-forming, employing silicon carbide MOSFETs (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors), creating a high voltage, high-frequency device. This provides cost advantages and allows for the product to be smaller and more compact than current conventional technologies while still capable of being scaled to suit much larger renewable energy installations like commercial solar panels.

eleXsys uses high-quality components and state-of-the-art technology incorporating the latest silicon carbide and capacitor technology that give it an expected life of at least 20 years.

eleXsys Ai Software

A major differentiating factor of eleXsys in its design and application is its innovative and industry-leading proprietary software algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) that have been specifically designed to address many of the electricity network problems, namely:

  • Voltage management
  • Voltage fluctuations and intermittent generation
  • Fault identification and location
  • Voltage phase imbalance
  • Harmonic mitigation
  • Electricity network reliability

eleXsys technology enables a number of SaaS models depending on the needs of our customers. In all cases, eleXsys Energy retains ownership of the eleXsys grid edge devices and provides the complete eleXsys solution as a service.