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EV Charging Stations

The Australian EV charging market is heading for disruption. Although the market is still at an embryonic stage, EV chargers are already becoming a commodity item. Nevertheless, the financial viability for public charging services will be tested due to high network demand charges and low consumer demand. Players will need to explore innovative solutions to stay in business.

Despite low margins, the EV charging market is attracting new and eager investors championing innovative technologies that promise to deliver a superior return on investment.

Designed for charging convenience

At Planet Ark Power we develop smart EV charging solutions with greater functionality. An integrated electric vehicle charging, solar PV with battery storage solution and when enabled with our eleXsys technology overcomes demand charges, creates a new income stream, and makes EV chargers a more attractive financial proposition from the onset.

Our smart integrated EV charging solutions creates the opportunity for our clients to earn income through selling charging services, FCAS and energy arbitrage trading, helping to accelerate the advancement of the public EV charging infrastructure underpinned by higher margins and greater returns on investment.

Smart EV charging solutions

  • Greatly improves the return on investment and profitability of the EV charging service.
  • Creates multiple income streams such as EV charging service, FCAS and Energy Arbitrage trading.
  • Take advantage of our Electric Vehicle Charging as a Service model with zero capital down.
  • Build loyalty with your customers by offering the convenience of fast EV charging service.