Designed for your charging convenience

A charging station is a device that supplies electric energy to charge plug in electric vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, bikes, and others. Electric vehicle charging stations features on board converters that plug into standard electrical outlets or higher voltage outlets.

With many car companies announcing the phase out of combustion engines and passenger vehicle owners benefitting from an average of $1600 a year in fuel savings, the anticipated growth in electric vehicles will require widespread charging infrastructure. This growth will place further strain on the current electricity network and a holistic approach will need to be adopted to address these challenges.

A solar powered electric vehicle charging system which draws upon renewable energy lessens the impact on the electricity grid.

Planet Ark Power develops sophisticated, smart and affordable solar powered EV charging solutions for apartment complexes, workplaces, shopping centres, hotels and commercial premises and roadside locations. By linking eleXsys technology, solar photovoltaics, battery storage we create a smart charging solution with additional benefits and create an innovative income stream for the owners.

A solar smart charging solution creates several benefits that include:

  • Improves power quality thereby reduces congestion and strain on the network.
  • Improves profitability of the EV charge service.
  • Reduces carbon emissions and greenhouse gases.
  • Take advantage of our flexible finance options such as Capex, Chattel Mortgage and Power Purchase Agreement.
  • Creates a new income stream by using batteries to participate in FCAS and Energy Arbitrage trading markets.
  • Zero capital outlay investment when purchasing under a Battery as a Service model.