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Three ways we make smart energy affordable

Saving on energy costs through implementing renewable energy systems and energy efficiency equipment is one of the best ways for Australian industries to improve their bottom line. The purchase of a clean energy system can help reduce costs, however the upfront capital required can be substantial.

At Planet Ark Power, we’re believe sustainability doesn’t have to come at an outsized cost. As part of that effort, we offer three different financing options that allow you to get the most economic benefits from the nation’s most energy efficient clean energy systems.


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

The fastest way to be cash flow positive on day one, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) lowers your energy costs by generating clean, renewable energy.


Operating Leases

We offer approved customers with the option of acquiring a Planet Ark Power system under a tax effective operating lease arrangement, which addresses initial capital issues to reduce costs immediately and support sustainability in the long term.


Energy Performance Contracts

Planet Ark Power’s Energy Performance Contracts is an Australian first of its kind shared savings and services model for customer sited energy storage.