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Planet Ark Power is currently seeking expressions of interest from investors in respect of its first ever share offering.

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  • Start Up Energy Transition Award 2019
  • Ignite Ideas Fund Recipient
  • Schneider Award Solar Partner of the Year 2016

Planet Ark Power – Series A Investment Round

Renewable Energy and Systems
Power Electronics and Ai Software
Solar on global electricity distribution networks and off grid networks
Investment Round
Series A
Equity Offer
15% of issued share capital
Minimum Investment
AUD 50,000

Our Vision

Directors of Planet Ark Power

At Planet Ark Power our vision is to see solar power on every rooftop in the world. However, electricity grids around the world cannot take the full potential of rooftop solar power due to the limitations of those grids – they become unstable at significant levels of rooftop solar penetration. That’s why we developed our world first technology as a way of regulating the voltage of solar systems and thereby unlocking the full potential of rooftop solar without the need for costly upgrades to grid infrastructure.

Fresh from being recognised as energy transition pioneers at the recent Startup Energy Transition (SET) Awards in Berlin*, Planet Ark Power and its behind-the-meter technology is looking to transform Australia’s, and the world’s, energy grids with distributed clean energy.

* For proprietary technology that manages Distributed Energy Resources (DER), such as solar on rooftops, voltage, Planet Ark Power recently won the Category of Intelligent Grids, Platforms & Cyber Security at the Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Awards; out of the 450 companies from 80 countries applied. SET is an initiative of the German Energy Agency (dena) in cooperation with the World Energy Council.

Our Technology

This article provides an overview of Planet Ark Power’s technology: PV MAGAZINE (11 July 2019) – Planet Ark Power smooths the way for urban solar farms. Our regular publications are also available on Linkedin.

Grants and Awards

  • Start Up Energy Transition Award 2019 winner in the category Intelligent Grids, Platforms & Cyber Security
  • Voted the Top Investors’ Choice at Energy fish tank – promising disruptor businesses in a fast-moving showcase, Innovation X-Change on Energy Productivity(2019)
  • Planet Ark Power’s sister company, Elevare Energy is a recipient of funding from the Ignite Ideas Fund – Advance Queensland (2018)
  • Planet Ark Power was one of the four recipients of the “next wave” South Australian Government’s Renewable Technology Fund Grant in partnership with Schneider Electric (2017)
  • Schneider Electric Solar Partner of the Year in Australia (2016)

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