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Microgrid as a Service

Microgrid as a Service is an innovative industry-leading finance mechanism that enables organisations to deploy microgrids without an upfront capital investment.

Our behind the meter microgrids feature the eleXsys technology, battery storage and local solar power or wind generation, to deliver a full suite of benefits and services.

Solar Microgrid

The Microgrid as a Service model removes financial risk and complexity that helps to drive the penetration of microgrids. Microgrid as a Service allows commercial and industrial sites, campuses, government, and large energy users an opportunity to stabilise future energy costs, enhance the performance of critical infrastructure and create a new income stream without the initial capital outlay.

The Microgrid as a Service solution is an attractive proposition as risk is transferred to the developers – they take full ownership, from supply of hardware and software, project finance, operation, and maintenance services. Microgrid as a Service also supports your local electricity grid and provides access to new income streams by participating in the FCAS and Energy Arbitrage markets.

The benefits of Microgrid as a Service include:

  • Achieve an attractive return, investing in the clean technology sector.
  • Benefit from income earned through participation in the FCAS and Energy Arbitrage markets.
  • Reduce energy costs with local solar or wind generation.
  • Take advantage of our Microgrid as a Service model with zero capital down.
  • Improve power quality without the need for capital expenditure upgrading electrical infrastructure.
  • Manage and reduce peak demand charges.
  • Provide back-up power for critical operational needs.

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