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Monitoring Services

See how well your system is performing. Every day.

Planet Ark Power performance monitoring provides confidence that your system will continue to generate clean, low-cost energy. We can also remind you when to clean your panels or perform regular maintenance, maximizing your savings by keeping your system operating efficiently.

All Planet Ark Power commercial solar systems come with optional performance monitoring.

This service includes:

Pro-active Monitoring

Our engineers regularly monitor your system’s performance, checking its output against its expected generation. Additionally, we are automatically alerted in case of any sudden changes or outages, and we contact you accordingly.

Quarterly Reports

We send you quarterly updates via email, summarizing your systems’ performance in terms of actual output versus the expected generation. In case of significantly decreased performance, we will advise on a means to investigate poor performance.

Access to Live Monitoring

Every Planet Ark Power customer has access to a custom built monitoring portal connection with their system performance updated in near-real time. The portal presents data in useful graphs and charts that make it easy to track performance and energy cost savings.

Monitoring Portal Dashboard

Monitoring Portal Dashboard