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Planet Ark Power has just completed a 99.6KW rooftop solar installation at Epicurean Products food manufacturing facility on the Sunshine Coast. The system comprises 249 panels to ensure that 28% of EP’s famous fresh dressings and sauces are not just made from organic ingredients but with a healthy dose of solar generated clean energy as well.

Epicurean Products’ rooftop solar solar project is just one of several sustainability initiatives being undertaken by the company.

“Recognising our responsibility to the broader community, we have prioritised continuous improvement in this area. Recently we have implemented food technologies that use natural ingredients to extend the shelf life of our sauces by as much as 100%, thus reducing waste. We have also made changes to our packaging materials, stripping out plastic waste equating to 2,400kg per year” says Epicurean Products’ Managing Director, Tim Spence Thomas.

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Planet Ark Power’s Senior Business Development Manager, Tom McVerry said “Planet Ark Power is always excited to work with innovative companies like Epicurean Products where we can make a contribution to their sustainability journey. In this case, approximately 107 tonnes of carbon emissions will be offset through their investment in rooftop solar energy. Epicurean will be also saving an estimated $500,000 over 25 years in energy costs making this an investment that is not only environmentally sustainable but financially sustainable as well.”

However for many businesses, schools and councils, the decision to invest in clean energy alternatives is not just about saving money by reducing their electricity bills.

According to Neilsen’s Global Consumer Confidence Survey, 83% of consumer respondents say it is extremely or very important that companies implement programs to improve the environment.

A company’s commitment and record on environmental sustainability is considered an important factor when consumers are making a purchase and are happy to spend more on products that come from sustainable brands. This also leads to long-term relationships through brand loyalty increasing the chances for ongoing customer engagement.

While there are numerous ways you can incorporate more sustainable practices into your business, a great way to start is to follow Epicurean’s lead and make generating cheap solar electricity an important ingredient of your company’s transition to a clean energy future.

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