Cranbourne Park Primary School

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In 2018, Cranbourne Park Primary School administration was motivated to adopt clean energy solutions to meet both their sustainability and financial goals. By partnering with Planet Ark Power to install a 99 kW rooftop solar system they benefitted by reducing their energy bills and carbon footprint, and demonstrating sustainable growth to students.
Cranbourne, VIC


Cranbourne Park Primary School


The school had several buildings which varied in construction and structural integrity, so an optimum solar design had to be created with careful consideration of restrictions.

Footing a significant energy bill from the electricity grid, the school administration was concerned about the payback time for a large system. In addition, they had committed to important school activities and were worried that scheduling and logistics in the delivery of the project might impact.


Planet Ark Power’s experienced engineers considered the restrictions around the rooftop installation and adapted the design at very short notice, whilst at the same time meeting the promised project timeline.

All aspects of the project from initiation to installation were coordinated in a hassle-free manner by a dedicated business manager, who kept the school administration up to date with the project’s progress.


Through an operating lease from Planet Ark Power, the school was able to have a solar system installed on campus at no upfront cost and save money on their energy bills from day one.

The system is performing above expectations, saving the school 48% on their significant energy bill and offsetting 154 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year helping to achieve the school’s sustainability goals and teaching students to be eco-conscious and kinder to the planet.

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154 tonnes CO2e Savings p.a.

Environmental Impact

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99 kW System Capacity

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48% Annual Savings

Reduction in power cost

Cranbourne Park Primary School
Cranbourne Park Primary School

Planet Ark Power’s response was fantastic when we raised concerns around the rooftop installation. They adapted the design at short notice – they were flexible and had expert engineering input.

Their team managed every stage for us – from design to installation – communicating updates so we understood each stage without us having to shift our focus and time to this project instead of school administration.

Steven Condon, Assistant Principal, Cranbourne Park Primary School (April 2019).

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