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Llewellyn Motors is an award-winning car dealer and proud family business that has been operating in Ipswich and surrounding communities since 1991. With increasing energy bills and being mindful of their carbon footprint Wade Llewellyn, Dealer Principal at Llewellyn Motors sought a more environmentally friendly and sustainable solution with a 333.8 kW solar and 36 kWh battery system.
Booval, QLD



On average, auto dealerships consume more energy than a typical office building because of lighting and air conditioning and other workshop related systems such as compressors and vehicle hoists.

Site conditions meant that the large solar system needed to be installed across a number of buildings housing the retail showrooms, service and repair workshops, office and customer service areas. Each building had different levels of accessibility, consumption patterns, design, materials and roof type.

Llewellyn Motors operates 6 days a week meaning the installation had to occur while the dealership was still operational and selling and servicing vehicles.


At the time of completion, late 2018, Planet Ark Power created Australia’s largest privately-owned solar and smart battery rooftop solar power station for Llewellyn Motors consisting of 333.8 kW of rooftop solar and 36 kWh of batteries.


The 333.8 kW solar system was completed in 2017, with the 36 kWh battery system added in late 2018. When pooled, the solar and battery system helps save $100,000 on energy bills and reduce the dealership’s carbon footprint by 336 tonnes annually – equivalent to removing 73 cars from our roads.

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336 tonnes CO2e Savings p.a.

Environmental Impact

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333.8 kW System Capacity

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47% Annual Savings

Reduction in power cost

Llewellyn Motors
Llewellyn Motors

By taking leadership with solar generation we’ve reduced our footprint for ourselves and for our customers.
Wade Llewellyn, Dealer Principal, Llewellyn Motors.
To learn more about Llewellyn Motors visit their website at https://www.llewellynmotors.com.au/