McNamee Lemontree Feedlot

In 2017, McNamee Group partnered with Planet Ark Power to install 960 solar panels across acres of their Lemontree Beef Feedlot and modern large-scale dairy farm to reduce second largest operating cost – their electricity bills.

Today, the family-owned business is generating up to 1300 kW a day, supporting their farm with clean energy that’s great for both their bottom-line and the environment.

With savings created from the solar system, McNamee has increased efficiency in their operations and can translate these savings into lower prices for their products, making it a win-win for the agribusiness and their customers.

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Case Study

  • Like most agribusinesses, McNamee Group’s property has a large and consistent 24-hour baseload.
  • McNamee Group was concerned about the large-scale investment required for placing a solar system of such size.
  • The installation would have to be carried out on top of multiple roofs of sheds on the farm. As these varied in size and construction, the optimum solar installation design had to be created skilfully.
Planet Ark Power’s expert engineers designed the best solution to reduce the farm’s dependence on grid-supplied electricity with a system size of 259 kW. This was tailor-made to suit their energy consumption patterns, layout, roof orientation as well as any special network requirements.

Providing flexible financing options, Planet Ark Power ensured the installation was completed with a no upfront payment operating lease. This meant the system was cashflow positive and the farm could reap the benefits of clean energy from day 1!

McNamee Group will acquire ownership of the system after seven years of the lease term and once owned, enjoy free, clean energy from the Sun for 25 years.
It is producing 391,000 kW annually. It has increased the efficiency of the business by taking control of their finances and saving on their major operating cost.

Farmers are deeply connected to nature and McNamee Partners will contribute to keeping the Earth healthy. The solar system has a great impact – saving 6,784 tonnes of CO2 emissions over 25 years, equivalent to taking 2,825 cars off the road for a year.

Planet Ark Power continues to support them with regular monitoring of system performance and promptly solving any issues that crop up.


Customer name:

McNamee Partners


Lemontree QLD 4357



System size:

259.20 kW

McNamee Lemontree Feedlot