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Over 6,000 Australians call Regis home. Formed in 1994, Regis is one of Australia’s largest providers of aged care services including therapy, personal care, laundry services and recreational activities.

To help stabilize their unpredictable and ever-increasing energy bills, Regis management sought the most affordable and sustainable renewable energy solution for its 39 facilities in five Australian states.

Vic, NSW, Qld, SA, Tas, WA

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Regis Aged Care management sought a sustainable, high-quality and affordable renewable energy solution that would help reduce operating costs.

Fiona Kirk, Operations Manager, was concerned about the potential impact on residents and maintaining service levels during such a complex rollout. Planet Ark Power had to take into account the number of locations, differing site plans, liaising with five different electricity networks, limits to site access and 24-hours business operations, and health and safety and patient care obligations.


Planet Ark Power tailored the solar power systems to the roof spaces and electrical layouts of 39 Regis Aged Care facilities. In total, this comprised 10,200 solar panels covering a total area of 19,800 m2, enough to cover 76 tennis courts.

Limiting disruption to daily operations over the two-stage rollout was managed in a flexible and cooperative manner. A member of Regis staff was appointed to the project team to maintain a high level of collaboration and communications and policies and procedures were also modified to accommodate needs.


The 3.684 MW Planet Ark Power solar solutions have helped Regis Aged Care meet their goals for energy savings and sustainability.

Planet Ark Power solar systems now supply 16% of the energy requirements of these Regis facilities. In total the systems are generating, on average, 11.5 MWh per day. This is reducing C02 emissions by 3,700 tonnes each year, the equivalent to removing 805 cars from our roads.

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3,700 tonnes CO2e Savings p.a.

Environmental Impact

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3684.6 kW System Capacity

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16% Annual Savings

Reduction in power cost

Regis Yeronga Solar Installation
Regis The Gap Solar Installation

When we announced that we were implementing solar panels the residents were extremely excited because of what we can give back… we can reduce our environmental impact for the generations to come.
Fiona Kirk, Operations Manager, Regis Aged Care Pty Ltd.
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