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Freeing up club funds and building resilience to future energy costs

Tallebudgera Surf Club is a not for profit community club based in Queensland’s Gold Coast region.

They were looking for an avenue to reduce their energy costs in order to free up essential club funds, and like any forward-thinking organisation wanted to build resilience for their future energy supply.

The surf club had also recently won a government grant to partly fund the system, which enabled them to purchase it upfront instead of using one of Planet Ark Power’s flexible finance options.

System size


Reduction in electricity costs

CO2 emissions offset in the first year

Case Study

Tallebudgera Surf Club’s installation had a number of challenges to navigate. Firstly, limited roof space meant our engineers needed to use their technical expertise to complete the installation for maximum solar generation.

Secondly, the oceanfront position meant the solar panels had to be resilient enough to withstand the harsh environment they would be placed in. Panels have to meet the international standard IEC 61701 to be suitable for installation near the sea.

Finally, as a club open 7 days a week it was important we could install the system without disrupting their day-to-day operations.

Before installation, Planet Ark Power sourced the best-rated equipment for ocean front resilience, to ensure the solar system would withstand the elements and still be eligible for a 25-year performance warranty.

We then worked closely with Tallebudgera Surf Club to install the system over 2 weeks with minimal interruption to their operations.

The solution included 5 years of Solar Analytics monitoring. This feature makes it easy for the surf club to check on the system’s performance at any time, and they have appreciated the ability to do this daily.

The 61.2kW system has been projected to save Tallebudgera Surf Club $12,600 per year, paying off their system in 4.6 years.

So far it has exceeded expectations: their first power bill with the new system showed a 37% reduction from the same period in the previous year.

Tallebudgera Surf Club Solar Installation

Top 4 reasons Tallebudgera Surf Club chose Planet Ark Power

  1. A customised solution that specifically met their needs.
  2. Clear and thorough explanation, including estimated energy and costs savings.
  3. Professional system installation, with no additional or unexpected costs.
  4. Simple and intuitive system performance monitoring.

We are seeing a 37% reduction in our electricity bill

The project was delivered seamlessly with professionalism from start to finish, and it took our busy club operation into account. We have just received our first power bill and in comparison to the same month in 2019 we are seeing a 37% reduction in our electricity bill.

Dermot McEnroe, General Manager.