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Tallebudgera Surf Club on the Gold Coast is a not-for-profit community club. With a large community and over 19,000 members to service, club management were looking for an alternative energy supply to reduce energy costs and to free up necessary funds.
Tallebudgera, QLD


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A busy surf club operating 7 days a week and with restaurant and gaming facilities to consider, it was important for Planet Ark Power to manage the impact on day-to-day operations by developing a comprehensive and collaborative plan for installation to minimize disruption for members, patrons, and staff.

The Planet Ark Power engineers had to accommodate limited roof space and leverage their technical expertise for maximum solar generation. The oceanfront position also meant the design and materials had to withstand the harsh environment to meet the IEC 61701 – PV Salt Mist Corrosion Testing standard.


The surf club purchased the commercial solar system upfront partly funded by a government grant, this enabled them to take advantage of cash flow positive from commissioning.

The Planet Ark Power team worked closely with Tallebudgera Surf Club to install the system over 2 weeks with minimal disruption to patrons and operations.

Planet Ark Power sourced the best-rated equipment for ocean front resilience, to ensure the solar system would withstand the elements and still be eligible for a 25-year performance warranty. The solution included 5 years of monitoring, making it easy for the club to check on the system’s daily performance.


The surf club’s first power bill showed a 37% reduction from the same period in the previous year. Initial projections indicated the 61.2 kW solar system would save Tallebudgera Surf Club $12,600 per annum, with a system payback of 4.6 years. Installed in 2021, to date the solar system has exceeded all expectations.
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75.2 tonnes CO2e Savings p.a.

Environmental Impact

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61.2 kW System Capacity

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37% Annual Savings

Reduction in power cost

Tallebudgera Surf Club Solar Installation
Tallebudgera Surf Club Solar Installation

The project was delivered seamlessly with professionalism from start to finish, and it took our busy club operation into account.

Dermot McEnroe, General Manager.

To learn more about Tallebudgera Surf Life Saving Club visit their website at https://tallesurfclub.com/