Reduce Power Costs and Increase Cash Flow For Agribusinesses with Solar

Posted by: Planet Ark Power
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Lemontree Feedlot

Discover Your Business’s Real Energy Consumption

Australian agricultural businesses are increasing the overall efficiency of their farms, feedlots, and properties with clean energy solutions.

A common challenge for agribusinesses is reducing the high demand for energy from the grid, which is required to keep their properties operational. Most properties have a large, consistent 24-hour baseload which makes energy one of the top costs for the business.

Solar: The Right Agriculture Energy Solution

A tailor-made solar system installed on the property can substantially reduce the grid-energy demand of a business. Savings created from solar drastically improve the overall efficiency of operations – cash flow increases while carbon emissions are offset – a real win-win situation for both their bottom-line and the environment. These savings can further be translated into lower prices for products, making it a win-win for the agribusiness and their customers.

Partnering with Planet Ark Power

With a tailor-made solar system designed by our expert engineers, agribusinesses can maximise the benefits from clean energy.

A dedicated business manager coordinates all aspects of the project from initiation to installation, and Planet Ark Power continues their support through regular monitoring of system performance.

Designed for Commercial Success

In 2017, McNamee Group partnered with Planet Ark Power to install 960 solar panels across acres of their Lemontree Beef Feedlot and modern large-scale dairy farm to reduce their second largest operating cost: electricity bills. Our flexible financing options allowed for the system to be installed at no upfront cost.

Today, the family-owned business is future-proofed against rising energy costs, generating up to 1300 kW a day. Find out more:

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