Regis Aged Care Partners with Planet Ark Power for a Radiant, Sustainable Future

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Planet Ark Power for Aged Care

Regis Aged Care has partnered with Planet Ark Power for a radiant, sustainable future powered by clean energy from rooftop solar systems.

Planet Ark Power will undertake installations of solar panels across 17 Regis Aged Care sites in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and, Western Australia.

The solar rollout of more than 4,400 solar panels – equivalent to the size of about 33 tennis courts – will be completed by August 2019.

The total area of the solar panels across sites is 8,564 square metres. Using Planet Ark Power’s expert engineering know-how and in-house solar analysis software, the best economic case was designed to match each site’s needs.

With the capability to generate 1.6MWs of electricity, the installations will enable Regis to offset 20% of their dependence on grid-supplied electricity across the residential homes.

Regis National Sustainability Manager Dr. Kaushik Sridhar said the solar upgrades would not only produce better energy performance but also future proof their homes against rising energy costs and regulations.

The partnership will provide great outcomes for both the organisation and the environment – increasing operational efficiency as well as lightening up their carbon footprint. The installations are estimated to deliver an annual reduction of up to 20% in electricity consumption and around 3,700 tonnes of CO2-e in greenhouse gas emissions.

“It’s really important for corporate Australia to play a strong role in ensuring we move towards a carbon neutral economy,” said Paul Klymenko, CEO of Planet Ark, “It is great to see Regis taking this major step in their sustainability journey, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration which has environmental and economic benefits for Regis and their residents.”

Planet Ark Power is committed to facilitating Regis Aged Care transition into clean energy sources as part of their sustainability journey and looks forward to the positive outcomes that will be created together.

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