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What is the Commercial Analysis Energy Report


A report that puts your site energy analysis into a simplistic and easy to understand format

  • Full site specific energy analysis
  • Cash flow positive financial modelling to maximise bottom line savings
  • Match the right energy solution for you business
  • In the analysis we also pick up – Incorrect tariffs where you may be overspending and inefficient energy usage

Our Case Studies

Who is Planet Ark Power?

GoZERO Energy Pty Ltd trading as Planet Ark Power. It is a renewable energy engineering company focused on providing a total solution to save businesses on electricity costs and to help power a cleaner energy future.

CEC Approved Solar Retailer

You’ve probably heard the name Planet Ark before. After all, Planet Ark has spent the last 25 years creating groundbreaking environmental campaigns. In 2016 we connected with Planet Ark to create a new Renewable Energy programme under the banner Planet Ark Power.

Siena Catholic College
Matthew Flinders Anglican College
Immanuel Lutheran College