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Solar Car Parks

Carparks are an integral part of our transport infrastructure and world of commerce. They can occupy high-value real estate and on occasion, seldom used. Carparks are costly to construct and maintain and in the case of shopping centres generate no income. This underutilized space could be redesigned to lower operating costs on site.

Solar Energy From Car Parks

Solar carparks generate clean energy and help reduce energy costs and enhance customer loyalty by providing shade and protection from the elements.

Additional income streams and customer convenience can be created with integrated EV charging with battery storage with income earned through selling charging services and through FCAS and energy arbitrage trading.

Applications such as integrated solar carparks require a deep knowledge of solar, battery storage, EV charging and electrical networks, something that Planet Ark Power brings to the equation.

Capitalise on Available Car Park Space with Solar

  • Build customer loyalty by offering additional services such as EV charging and the convenience of shading, and protection from weather.
  • Maximize solar energy generation and profit from under utilized space.
  • Contribute to lower urban heating and help support your environmental credentials.
  • Stand out from your competitors and make a statement by installing the technology.
  • Take advantage of our flexible finance options such as Capex, Chattel Mortgage and Power Purchase Agreement.