Cleaner energy drives loyalty

Dedicated and secure spaces for drivers to park their vehicles are common in developed countries where cars are the dominant mode of transport.

Necessary infrastructure, they are normally situated at a convenient distance from destinations such as offices, retail, and sports and recreation areas such as shopping centres, community clubs, sporting stadiums, and entertainment centres.

Carparks are costly to construct and maintain, they also adversely impact rainfall runoff, contribute to increased greenhouse gas emissions, occupy an often under-utilized space and when they lack shade structures their exposed surfaces also contribute to urban heating.

Solar carparks enhance customer loyalty by offering shading and protection from the elements in particular rain, heat and blistering sun. Unlike conventional carpark structures, solar carparks generate clean energy to reduce energy costs on site.

Solar carparks can be integrated with EV charging stations and battery storage creating a new revenue stream for the building owner from selling charge services and FCAS trading. Customer loyalty is also enhanced with the convenience of electric vehicle charging.

Applications such as integrated solar carparks require a deep knowledge of solar, battery storage, EV charging and network operations, something that Planet Ark Power brings to the equation.

Solar carparks have several advantages and benefits for the building owner including:

  • Build customer loyalty by offering additional services such as shading, protection from weather and the convenience of EV charging.
  • Create a new income stream from EV charging and FCAS trading.
  • Minimal initial capital outlay under our Battery as a Service model.
  • Take advantage of our flexible finance options such as Capex, Chattel Mortgage and Power Purchase Agreement.
  • Assurance from our comprehensive product, installation, and performance warranties.