Solar Car Parks

Bayside College

Clean energy drives loyalty

It’s well known that car parks have huge carbon footprints. They cost a significant amount of money to build and maintain, and they cost the environment even more in terms of consuming energy and emitting CO2. They increase run off of storm water, which often carries pollutants to local water sources and impacts the health of flora and fauna in the region.

The good news is that car parks can be part of the solution to a healthier planet, all while helping your business grow. With innovative technology, any business can turn its car park into a clean energy generator.

With a solar car park, customers can enjoy a shaded parking spot, and you can position yourself as an innovative leader with built-in, carbon-neutral electric charging stations.

Solar carparks generate electricity for use in the shopping complex, helping to reduce energy expense for the building owners and tenants and providing an income source for the building owners. 

 Other Benefits of Solar Car Parks

  • Drive customer loyalty and foot-traffic by offering covered parking
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment
  • Positions your business as a leader in embracing renewable energy technology
  • Reduce carbon emissions by displacing grid electricity consumption
  • Provide shade for cars and potentially increasing patronage
  • Potential to provide car-charging ports for electric vehicles