Solar for Data Centres

Staying at the forefront of energy efficiency is the only way to keep costs down

Data centres by their very nature consume a lot of energy used to cool servers and systems, around-the-clock. Many data centre operators are setting sustainability goals to reduce their energy consumption; however, their ambitions vary and so do the methods for meeting these targets.

While some operators are investing in offsite generation, others are looking at utilising available roof space for solar PV generation or are considering long term price certainty and opting for a Power Purchase Agreement.

According to some estimates, data centres consume up to 2% of global electricity production and energy consumption is expected to triple in the next few years as businesses continue to outsource their hosting and storage needs to data centres.

Not surprisingly, data centres are turning to alternative energy supplies to protect themselves from rising energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint and raise their sustainability credentials.

Solar is particularly attractive to data centre facilities for the following reasons.

  • Data centre facilities operate around-the-clock with a consistent load profile, and solar PV can offset daytime electricity consumption.
  • Data centres consume a lot of power and solar energy generated on site will be consumed locally, displacing grid energy on a one-to-one basis, representing considerable savings.
  • Solar offers significant energy and costs savings and helps protect against future increases in electricity costs.
  • Solar supports internal sustainability goals and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Data centres favour long-term business outlooks and solar represents an attractive investment.
  • Solar power is a low-risk strategy to reduce operating costs.