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Roof Mounted Solar PV Systems for Farms and Agri-Business

In recent years, rising electricity costs have added to the escalating overheads affecting Australian farmers and the profitability of their businesses.

Farmers, agri-business owners and landholders have been realising the potential of unused roof space on farm buildings for solar PV installations and generating their own electricity to power daily operations, reduce reliance on the electricity grid, cut power bills and create an additional income stream.

Solar PV serves to lower operating costs by reducing energy costs and replacing the use of diesel fuel.

Energy from solar PV can be used to power lighting and ventilation for industrial sheds for animal farming, heat water and pump water, automate irrigation for crops and plant nurseries, and with the aid of technology to dynamically shift consumption to optimise solar utilization.

Planet Ark Power can offer advice on the best options available for your farm and agricultural buildings, as well as provide modelling on the performance and types of returns you can expect to receive on your solar investment.

Our team will work with any size of the installation and whatever budget is available to design, supply and fit a commercial solar system that is perfect for your requirements. We also provide full assistance in completing applications and supplying any information requested to ensure the process is as quick and easy as possible.

Case Study

McNamee Lemontree Feedlot

A Toowomba beef and dairy farmer is making healthy returns, calculated to provide a 17% ROI. The solar PV system is reducing energy bills by generating electricity and heating water.

McNamee Partners, a family-owned agri-business founded in 1995, wanted to invest in Solar PV for their Beef Feedlot and modern large-scale Dairy Farms in Toowomba, found Planet Ark Power was their perfect partner.

Benefits of Solar Power for Farms and Agri-Businesses

Solar is attractive for farmers for the following reasons:

  • Solar PV offers long-term protection from rising energy costs, along with cheaper electricity bills.
  • Solar PV helps to displace expensive diesel fuel use.
  • Solar energy is renewable, this means a reduction in greenhouses gases are no consumption of natural resources.
  • Once installed, maintenance and servicing costs for solar PV installations are low.
  • Solar system performance and operation can be remotely monitored.
  • Most farms and agricultural businesses have buildings that are suitable for roof mounted solar PV installations. The typical roof pitch will generate substantial amounts of power even if it is not facing north.
  • Solar can be easily integrated and installed in a short time frame.
  • Financing options can enable savings from day one with no capital outlay.
  • Hybrid systems with solar PV and battery energy storage, can be used to conserve and store energy for non-peak use. They can also be used for remote sites and for off-grid power supply.

Financing Solar for Farmers

Innovative finance models such as Power Purchase Agreement or Chattel Mortgage enable savings from day one with no upfront capital outlay.
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Capex financing

Debt-free, no interest payments, outright ownership


Chattel Mortgage

Flexible payment options, lower interest rates, outright ownership


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

No up-front costs, plus long-term electricity price stability and predictability

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No-Obligation Energy Assessment

Contact our team today for a tailored solar solution for your Farms or Agri-business.

We’ll be happy to explain all about the potential costs and returns of solar panels for farms and how your agricultural business could benefit.

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“Solar energy continues to demonstrate its financial viability and in most cases costs less than purchasing electricity from the grid. Similarly, battery technology offers additional savings by maximising solar consumption, reducing dependence on diesel generators and managing peak demand and convenience benefits such as back-up power in case of grid outages, whilst the possibility exists to go off-grid altogether.”


National Sales and Marketing Director, Planet Ark Power

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