Solar for Manufacturers

Building resilient and sustainable manufacturing

High-quality and sustainable manufacturing is critical to driving a strong and resilient Australian economy. Key strategies to build a modern manufacturing industry include improving the economic conditions for business, improving competitiveness, building more resilient supply chains, and managing key inputs such as resources and energy.
Minecorp Australia, Acacia Ridge, Queensland

For manufacturing facilities, solar PV is an investment that can help lower energy costs, reduce operating expenses, and relieve pressure on cash flow. Extraneous costs in the manufacture of goods are amplified throughout the supply chain, so managing energy costs not only saves money but also increases competitiveness.

With access to flexible financing options such as Capex, Chattel Mortgage or a Power Purchase Agreement which reduce the barriers for investing in commercial solar systems, manufacturers can reduce operating costs and leverage greater returns on a solar system.

A sound and practical investment for manufacturing.

  • Manufacturing plants have a large roof surface ideal for solar PV installation.
  • Manufacturing plants mostly operate during daylight hours with a constant load profile, daylight electricity demand can be offset from solar generation, creating significant cost savings.
  • Lower energy costs are amplified in the supply chain and help improve your competitiveness.
  • Building owners that invest in solar can create a new income stream selling solar energy to tenants. Tenants can purchase solar energy at a lower cost than grid electricity prices.
  • Tenants may elect to finance a solar installation and enjoy the benefits of a lower cost of energy for the term of their lease agreement.
  • Solar offers significant energy and costs savings and helps protect against future increases in electricity costs.
  • Solar helps achieve internal sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint.
Minecorp Australia, Acacia Ridge, Queensland
Epicurean Products, Yandina, Queensland

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