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Planet Ark Power are leading providers of innovative solar PV, battery storage and microgrid solutions for schools and educational facilities across Australia.

Our solar PV solutions are designed to be financially attractive and maximize solar generation so that they consistently meet your current and future energy needs. This provides school administrators with long-term protection from rising energy costs, saves you money on your energy bills and helps reduce the environmental impact of your campus.

We have a track record of partnering with schools to deliver commercial solar solutions as well as clean energy strategy and our 16 satisfied customers include Bayside College (197.67kW), Cranbourne Park Primary School (99kW), Matthew Flinders Anglican College (492kW) and Siena Catholic College (80kW).


Roof Mounted Solar PV Systems for Schools

With energy costs representing a significant operational cost to schools and education facilities, combined with the recent volatility in the National Electricity Market, school administrators and school boards are turning to low-risk strategies and proven and reliable renewable solutions like solar PV and batteries.

Schools can lead and accelerate change for our planet by incorporating clean energy into their business and the curriculum. Schools, campuses and educational facilities that are well-suited for solar PV have the following characteristics:

Facilities and amenities buildings have large open roof spaces.

A consistent load profile.

Energy consumption occurs during daytime hours from Monday to Friday.

Financial, sustainability and environmental performance targets.

Working Collaboratively

In delivering some of the largest systems for leading private schools nationally we have found that many schools choose a staged approach and want to partner with an organisation who can develop a strategy and roadmap to transition to clean energy. So, we prefer to work collaboratively with leadership team, sustainability team, facilities/operations teams and students to understand the specific drivers and objectives of your school including:

  • Exploring ways of meeting your future environmental performance targets.
  • Aligning with your campus masterplan, community responsibility and your bottom line.
  • Designing clean energy solutions that support strategies to transition to greener, healthier buildings that reduce demand for energy.
  • Provide transparent solutions such as performance monitoring and solar generation guarantees that demonstrate to students and the community your measures to reduce CO2 emissions on campus.
  • Maintain system flexibility to integrate new technology in the future – i.e. Battery Storage, EV Charging, Voltage Management and Virtual Power Plants.
  • The option of operation and maintenance services to ensure equipment operates at optimum performance.
  • Design flexible and scalable solar solutions – i.e. battery ready or leverage the eleXsys technology to maximise solar generation output by managing voltage and power quality.
  • Use GoPredict (our proprietary software) to provide model solar systems matched to the load profile.
  • Provide modelling on the expected financial return from your investment – including energy savings, payback, and carbon savings.
  • Work to ensure that solar is easily integrated and installed in a short time frame to minimize the impact on your school calendar and community.
  • Implement a risk-managed project delivery framework and work closely with the facilities and operation teams to ensure transparency, effective communications, and timely reporting.
  • Actively manage all aspects of project delivery.


Solar PV & Battery Energy Storage Systems for Schools

With diminishing solar feed-in tariffs by energy retailers, it makes sense to store excess solar energy and use it during cloudy days or after hours.

  • Maximize solar self-consumption.
  • Lower peak demand charges.
  • Provide back-up power supply in case of grid outages.
  • Grid support avoids capex expenditure on electrical infrastructure.
  • Load shifting – use stored energy when grid tariff rates are high.
  • Reduce harmonics, improve voltage regulation, and power quality.

Electric Vehicle Hubs With Battery Energy Storage for Schools

We also have income generating opportunities for schools with our Electric Vehicle Charging Hub and Battery Energy Storage Systems.

Schools Investing in Solar

Bayside College

Bayside College is a public, multi-campus, co-educational P-12 school in Melbourne. Their 200 kW solar systems deliver 38% in energy and 138 tonnes in CO2 savings every year.

Matthew Flinders Anglican College

Matthew Flinders Anglican College, on the Sunshine Coast is walking the talk as a leader in delivering a sustainable campus with their 472 kW solar system saving almost $80,000 and 475 tonnes of CO2 every year.

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No-Obligation Energy Assessment

Contact us today for a solar solution for your school, college or campus.

Partner with an experienced cleantech company that can assist your school in meeting your future environmental targets.

We’ll be happy to explain all about the potential costs and returns of solar systems for education and how your school can benefit.

Call us on 1300 323 221 or click the button below to fill in the online request form for a complimentary feasibility analysis.

Solar Financing in the Education Sector

Innovative finance models such as Power Purchase Agreement or Chattel Mortgage enable savings from day one with no upfront capital outlay.
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Capex financing

Debt-free, no interest payments, outright ownership


Chattel Mortgage

Flexible payment options, lower interest rates, outright ownership


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

No up-front costs, plus long-term electricity price stability and predictability

“Solar PV systems can support the creation of a more sustainable future and set an example for our next generation of leaders by powering your school’s energy demands, lowering your operating costs and reducing your carbon emissions. Our youth have the solutions and need our schools to educate both inside and outside the classroom. We need to act now”

Senior Business DevelopmentManager, Planet Ark Power
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