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Solar Generation Guarantee

Our Solar Generation Guarantee promises that our solar systems meet certain performance expectations over the lifetime of the equipment. If the solar installation fails to perform to expectations, then we will compensate you in accordance with our Solar Generation Guarantee.

At the design stage, Planet Ark Power experts undertake an energy assessment of the site which includes a review of the customer’s electricity bills and load profile and takes into consideration factors such as building location and climate conditions.

We only use quality well-engineered products from leading manufacturers, and all products must meet proven reliability and performance standards across a large install base.

All key data points are input into the GoPredict software to simulate the solar generation output of the proposed solar system. The GoPredict modelling provides an estimate of solar generation yield, energy and cost savings which allows us to calculate the Return on Investment and Net Present Value with a high degree of confidence.

We warrant for a period of five years from installation, that the actual solar generation will achieve at least ninety per cent of the estimated solar generation over a period of twelve months. If the solar system does not achieve the guaranteed performance, then you are entitled to monetary compensation in accordance with our Solar Generation Guarantee.