Solar Performance Guarantee

Bayside College

Our solar generation guarantee promises that our solar system meets certain performance expectations, and that the system will continue to perform well over the lifetime of the equipment.

At the detailed design stage, we will provide you with the site and solar system specific estimated yield in kilo-watt hours (kWh) per day averaged over each calendar month. The estimated yield is based, amongst other things, on GoPredict modelling and simulation and takes into account: the orientation and tilt of your roof and the solar array, climatic conditions at the location of the solar array, shading of the solar array at the time of the proposal, electricity generation losses due to: soiling, inverter efficiencies, electrical line losses and degradation in panel performance in accordance with the manufacturer’s performance warranty and the impact, if applicable, of any Zero Export Control on generation and export of electricity to the grid.

We guarantee that the energy output of your solar system will at least achieve the estimated yield over subsequent annual periods, based on the total of the average monthly values. If the solar system does not achieve the guaranteed performance, then under certain conditions you may be entitled to compensation. (Refer to Terms & Conditions for full details)