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Grid Connected Microgrids

Microgrid benefits

Microgrids have historically been popular in remote areas like islands that are without access to a national electricity transmission network. Substantial cost reductions in solar PV and lithium-ion batteries are enabling clean energy microgrids to be built in cities.

Planet Ark Power is able to create a grid-connected microgrid. This enables major benefits including:

  • Economics are much improved through the ability to trade the spot market and engage in Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS).
  • Improves grid security and stability by enabling participation in FCAS. With AEMO and state governments, like SA, encouraging distributed energy sources.
  • Enables the unlocking of other income streams from the connection of onsite diesel or gas generators that would otherwise be idle and only used for backup.
  • Provides the site with cheaper, cleaner power, at zero marginal cost, unlike other energy sources such as gas.
  • Power security through islanding capability as the battery and the solar can come on to power the site almost instantly ensuring no loss of power continuity

Planet Ark Power Microgrid - Adelaide SA

Planet Ark Power is expected to install a very large Microgrid in 2018

  • 4.2 MW of rooftop solar +3 MWh of batteries in conjunction with Schneider Microgrid software to linked to network operator systems to provide micro-grid functionality.
  • 100 x dSTATCOM units and Elevare control software provides control voltage on the feeder to allow solar export and battery export.
  • Network Operator, SA Power Networks (SAPN) then wants to replicate to other sites over 5 years.
  • This project will help prove the scalability of the solution.
Planet Ark Power SA Microgrid Project