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Power Purchase Agreements

The fastest way to be cash flow positive on day one, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) lowers your energy costs by generating clean, renewable energy. Because there are no upfront costs with a PPA, there’s no risk of being surprised with a huge energy bill in the future.

How it works

Planet Ark Power engineers and implements a clean energy system based on your business’ energy usage trends. You then purchase the energy based on a fixed price, which will be less expensive than the current energy grid price. This ensures that your operating costs are reduced as soon as the system is turned on. Planet Ark Power also includes monitoring and maintenance with each PPA, and we keep your system optimized for energy production and usage.

Best of all, when the contract ends your business owns the system entirely. That’s FREE energy for the life of the system.

How do you qualify?

  • Must have a power bill of at least $2,500 per month
  • A significant amount of energy usage must be consumed during daylight hours