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Smart Battery Storage Systems

Planet Ark Power has an energy management system enabling stable voltage energy export for commercial solar. With this stability, we can effectively create a two-way electricity grid powered by clean energy. The Smart Battery solution is made up of three primary components:

Planet Ark Power Smart Battery


Our proprietary dSTATCOM (distribution static synchronous compensator) combines several critical elements (solar invertor, battery charger, voltage control, power factor control and speed control) in a single, compact package (20Kg versus 1 tonne).
dSTATCOM smooths voltage to a stable level for distribution back into the grid. By maintaining stable voltage, solar generators do not affect voltage of the grid keeping the network stable.
dSTATCOM is modular and can be scaled up to accommodate large scale solar installations.


Lithium batteries able to store the excess power generated by the commercial solar panels. Battery are modular and scalable and therefore can be commissioned to any sized installation.
Batteries come enclosed in outdoor IP rated enclosures that can be cooled to extend the life of the storage system. Standard sizes are 38 kWh stacks or 250kWh containers.


The batteries are controlled by our sophisticated software controls and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor and predict energy generation and consumption. This software enables the batteries to respond to peak pricing periods by predicting consumption based on patterns and other sensors.

Using the Planet Ark Power Smart Battery, commercial and industrial solar installations become viable, energy generators gain access to government green credits (LGCs) and can effectively become an energy trader. This transforms the economics of commercial solar creating a business case for corporates that was previously unviable. Most commercial sites are not allowed to export excess solar at any time, potentially losing 30% – 45% of solar generation on weekends and holidays.

These Urban Rooftop Solar Farms become mini power stations that earn income for 20 years +. Export it allows a company to install a much larger battery that can be used for onsite demand shaving cost reductions but also trade the excess energy into the grid. Examples of Elevare technology in practice:


Smart Batteries Benefits

Planet Ark Power technology overcomes low voltage limitations and enables the creation of grid connected microgrids that are much more cost effective than rural solar farms (cheaper energy, far less transportation charges, etc). This allows for larger rooftop solar systems to export energy to further support the grid.

  • Planet Ark Power Smart Batteries ensures that peak demand costs can be reduced. This is illustrated below:
  • Improved business case for commercial solar: Solution reduces the total energy bill, reduces peak demand costs, and allows for increased income through energy export, including potential spot market trading of energy.