Enabling the Transition to a Clean Energy World

Here at Planet Ark Power, we believe that the best way to create a clean energy world, at the least cost and with no service disruptions, is through ubiquitous urban rooftop solar systems augmented with battery storage.

Our award-winning eleXsys® technology helps usher in this new world by solving a fundamental technical challenge that has limited the amount of energy from smaller, distributed sources, such as urban solar systems, that can be fed back into the grid for distribution.

By fortifying and stabilising the grid, eleXsys allows significantly more energy (up to 13 times more) from these smaller, distributed renewable sources to flow into the grid in a safe and reliable manner. Applicable globally, eleXsys® optimises the current grid infrastructure and network utilisation without massive investment in new infrastructure.

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Complex Engineering, Simple Execution, Revolutionary Change

eleXsys® is installed at the renewable energy source “behind the meter”, making it particularly unique and exceedingly simple to execute. What’s more, this revolutionary solution is delivered at no cost to the grid, the taxpayer or the consumer. That’s why we’ve been making headlines and receiving accolades around the world.

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Supercharging Distributed, Renewable Energy Networks

By solving the grid voltage volatility problem, eleXsys® immediately enables and accelerates the adoption of new clean energy deployment models such as Microgrids, Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), and peer-to-peer trading of renewable energy.

eleXsys® strengthens the economic case for rooftop solar, making it the cheapest form of renewable energy available by overcoming expensive land access costs, transmission charges and distribution inefficiencies associated with remote solar farms. With eleXsys, large-scale urban renewable energy systems (Virtual Power Plants) are now financially viable.

Read more about the ways eleXsys® revolutionises energy networks at elexsys.com/elexsys-technical-overview.

Unlock the Value of Your Rooftop with Solar

Turn your roof into a valuable resource with a tailor-made solar solution designed by our expert engineers and financial analysts. Lead the world in transitioning to a clean energy future with Planet Ark Power, while reducing both your greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.

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    Grants and Awards

    • Start Up Energy Transition Award 2019 winner in the category Intelligent Grids, Platforms & Cyber Security
    • Voted the Top Investors’ Choice at Energy fish tank – promising disruptor businesses in a fast-moving showcase, Innovation X-Change on Energy Productivity(2019)
    • Planet Ark Power’s sister company, Elevare Energy is a recipient of funding from the Ignite Ideas Fund – Advance Queensland (2018)
    • Planet Ark Power was one of the four recipients of the “next wave” South Australian Government’s Renewable Technology Fund Grant in partnership with Schneider Electric (2017)
    • Schneider Electric Solar Partner of the Year in Australia (2016)
    • Start Up Energy Transition Award 2019
    • Ignite Ideas Fund Recipient
    • Schneider Award Solar Partner of the Year 2016