Faster, cost-effective decarbonisation of electricity grids

By fixing the voltage problem we allow up to a 13x increase in Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in our local suburbs.

Too much DER creates grid voltage problems
  • Grid imposes curtailment
  • Plus big capital spending
  • Reduces rooftop solar ROI
  • Much less rooftop solar can be installed
  • Destroys VPP effectiveness
  • Stops blockchain P2P
  • Makes rooftop solar, VPP & Microgrids non bankable
  • Social injustice
Planet Ark Power fixes the voltage problem

Planet Ark Power have come up with a very simple and effective solution in two parts:
1. a digital device,
2. multiple levels of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

  • 13 times increase in DER in suburbs
  • Use current infrastructure so ROE is up
  • Cheaper to the end user and to society
  • VPP viable to replace peaking plants
  • Democratises the grid

Planet Ark Power's Technologies

Planet Ark Power has invented world-leading technology solutions that control voltage volatility from behind the meter – at no capital cost to the grid or the consumer – while significantly improving the ROI of residential and commercial rooftop solar.

Planet Ark Power has an energy management system enabling stable voltage energy export for commercial solar.