Enabling the Transition to Distributed Renewable Energy Networks

Here at Planet Ark Power, we believe that the best opportunity to create a clean energy world at the least cost to our economies is by filling rooftops with solar systems and battery support.

With our award-winning technology, electricity grids can be transformed and supercharged with cheap, clean energy so it can sustainably power communities – starting right now.

How Is Planet Ark Power Transforming Electricity Grids?

Planet Ark Power’s technology solves a fundamental challenge that’s limiting the capacity of networks to manage increasing rooftop – the voltage problems which arise from when large amounts of distributed energy resources, such as solar and wind energy, are fed back into the grid for distribution.

Our technology fortifies the grid, allowing significantly more clean energy to flow in a safe and reliable manner.

Applicable globally, it optimises the current grid infrastructure and network utilisation without massive investment in new infrastructure.

To aid the faster decarbonisation and evolution of the grids, this is delivered at no cost to the grid, the taxpayer or the consumer.

Simple in Execution, Complex in Development

Our award-winning device is placed at the source of clean energy generation i.e. behind-the-meter, which makes it particularly unique and exceedingly simple to execute.

Robust and compact, our technology platform includes a dynamic machine learning (AI) control software that ensures voltages always remain well within statutory limits when the distributed energy is fed back into the grid.

The benefits? A significant increase in the grid’s clean energy holding capacity from 30% to 100%, which translates to 13 times increase in the amount of clean energy that can flow back into the grid.

One Versatile Device to Supercharge a Clean Energy World

Our AI-powered technology platform carries out multiple functions, such as:

Voltage management
Providing combinations of real and reactive power to keep voltages within the statutory range.

Generation capacity enhancement
Using either lagging or leading reactive power to raise or lower voltages as required.

Load and voltage balancing
Transferring real and reactive power between phases to ensure balanced supply functions.

Microgrid operation
Operating as a fast response balance between generation and load to stabilise microgrid operation.

Enabling Virtual Power Plants, Microgrids & Blockchain P2P Trading

Solving the voltage volatility problem immediately enables and accelerates the adoption of clean energy innovations like Virtual Power Plants and Blockchain P2P Trading.

This strengthens the case for rooftop solar, making it the cheapest form of renewable energy available as expensive land access costs, expensive transmission charges and losses from remote solar farms will be overcome.

Making the Necessary Transition to a Clean Energy Future Viable

With Planet Ark Power’s technology, expensive peaking power plants that are adversely affecting the environment can be replaced. This can be a turning point for the planet.

The technology immediately turns financing Virtual Power Plants and batteries commercially lucrative, increasing their effectiveness from >50% to 100%.

Delivering Game-Changing Commercial Wins

Planet Ark Power has also re-imagined the business case; offering an opportunity for commercial and industrial property investors to finally capitalise on their vast underutilised rooftop real estate.

Grants and Awards

  • Start Up Energy Transition Award 2019 winner in the category Intelligent Grids, Platforms & Cyber Security
  • Voted the Top Investors’ Choice at Energy fish tank – promising disruptor businesses in a fast-moving showcase, Innovation X-Change on Energy Productivity(2019)
  • Planet Ark Power’s sister company, Elevare Energy is a recipient of funding from the Ignite Ideas Fund – Advance Queensland (2018)
  • Planet Ark Power was one of the four recipients of the “next wave” South Australian Government’s Renewable Technology Fund Grant in partnership with Schneider Electric (2017)
  • Schneider Electric Solar Partner of the Year in Australia (2016)
  • Start Up Energy Transition Award 2019
  • Ignite Ideas Fund Recipient
  • Schneider Award Solar Partner of the Year 2016

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