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Victorian Schools Solar Initiative

A solar energy system installed at your school not only saves money, it empowers students to make a difference to the school’s environment and increases their understanding of their impact on the planet.

We want to make clean energy affordable for your school and form a greener community together.

STEP 1 - Discover Your School’s Real Energy Consumption

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Our Customer Story

We want to be drawing as little electricity from the grid as we possibly can, producing electricity in a sustainable way and returning electricity to the grid when we can.

Andrew Harnett, Bayside College Principal.

Steps to Start Saving with Solar

  1. Request free Commercial Energy Analysis Report
  2. Receive tailor-made Solar Solution Proposal
  3. Obtain internal school approval
  4. Obtain DET region and VSBA approvals
  5. Commence installation and start saving with solar!

Recent Installations

Narre Warren South P-12 College
Narre Warren South P-12 College

System Size
66.30kW, 198 panels

Environmental Benefits over 25 years
1,479 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced
This is the equivalent of planting 211 trees

Cranbourne Park Primary School
Cranbourne Park Primary School

System Size
99kW, 300 panels

Environmental Benefits over 25 years
2,232 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced
This is the equivalent of planting 319 trees

Schools Reducing CO2 Emissions with Planet Ark Power

  • Siena Catholic College, QLD > case study
  • Matthew Flinders Anglican College, QLD > case study
  • Immanuel Lutheran College, QLD
  • Ipswich Girls’ and Junior Grammar School, QLD
  • Narre Warren South P-12 College, VIC
  • Cranbourne Park Primary School, VIC > case study
  • Fraser Coast Anglican College, QLD
  • Willmott Park Primary School, VIC
  • Brisbane Girls’ Grammar School, QLD
  • Bayside P-12 College, VIC > case study
  • Hillbrook Anglican School, QLD

Why Get the Free Commercial Energy Analysis Report?


Our inhouse engineers analyse your energy load profile to:

  • Benchmark energy use & find inefficiencies
  • Identify overspending due to incorrect tariffs
  • Predict solar energy production across 12 months at your site
  • Propose an optimised solution to suit your school

Potential for Technical Upgrades

Planet Ark Power’s award-winning technology will maximise your income stream from otherwise wasted solar energy.

Is your school an independent school?

Who is Planet Ark Power?

Planet Ark Power Team

Founded as GoZERO Energy in 2014, we partnered with Planet Ark™ in 2017, one of the most trusted environmental brands in Australia. Today, as Planet Ark Power, we are among the fastest growing clean energy providers in the country. In 2019, with the celebrated launch of our revolutionary technology, eleXsys™, at the World Energy Congress, GoZERO Energy took on this name to become eleXsys Energy.

We combine engineering expertise with strong customer relationships, allowing access to the most technologically advanced clean energy solutions and dedicated after-sales support, carried out in partnership with ASX-listed installation partner Service Stream.

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