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Victorian Government Schools Solar Initiative

A solar energy system installed at your school not only saves money, it empowers students to make a difference to the school’s environment and increases their understanding of their impact on the planet.

We want to make clean energy affordable for your school and form a greener community together.

STEP 1 - Discover valuable insights into your school’s energy consumption

Planet Ark Power offers a free Commercial Energy Analysis Report for your school, usually valued at $7,000.

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Our Recent Installations

Narre Warren South P-12 College
Narre Warren South P-12 College

System Size
66.30kW, 198 panels

Environmental Benefits over 25 years
1,479 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced
This is the equivalent of planting 211 trees

Cranbourne Park Primary School
Cranbourne Park Primary School

System Size
99kW, 300 panels

Environmental Benefits over 25 years
2,232 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced
This is the equivalent of planting 319 trees

What is the Commercial Energy Analysis Report

A report that puts your site energy analysis into a simplistic and easy to understand format

  • Full site specific energy analysis
  • Cash flow positive financial modelling to maximise bottom line savings
  • Match the right energy solution for your school
  • In the analysis we also pick up – Incorrect tariffs where you may be overspending and inefficient energy usage

Our Case Study

We selected Planet Ark Power based upon the quality of knowledge and advice provided by them, past experience, and their unreserved commitment to customer service.

Sharon Verrinder, Finance Director, Matthew Flinders Anglican College

Other Schools Reducing CO2 Emissions with Planet Ark Power

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  • Matthew Flinders Anglican College > case study
  • Immanuel Lutheran College
  • Ipswich Girls’ and Junior Grammar School

Victorian Schools Solar Rental Powered by Planet Ark Power

Planet Ark Power have created a unique finance package so schools will be able to derive the savings offered by installing solar.

This is an exclusive Planet Ark Power initiative for Victorian Government Schools. If you are an independent school contact Planet Ark Power on 1300 187 343 to discuss a solution for your site.

Enhanced Cash Flow

A 12-year initial rental term followed by an 8-year operation and maintenance schedule enables significant cash flow benefits from day one. Ensuring the solar system is utilised for its entire expected life (20 years) without the school either owning the system or being obligated to operate and maintain it.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Service

Each system is covered by an operation and maintenance service agreement for the whole of its effective life: 12 years during the Rental Period, with a further 8-year O&M Service extension . The cost of O&M Service during the Rental Period is included in the monthly rental payments and the extended 8-year O&M Service is $4,000 per annum.
The Rental Period and Extension Period of the O&M Service includes:

  • equipment replacement as required
  • real time system monitoring and quarterly reports
  • an annual physical inspection by qualified technicians
  • site visits as required to ensure maximum system performance.

This O&M Service ensures the system is maintained at all times. At the end of the Rental Period or the Extension Period, the school can elect to have the system removed at no cost.

Performance Guarantee

The performance of the solar system is guaranteed to at least 90% of estimated performance for the term of the rental.

Flexibility: Upgrade and/or Refresh

The system is future-proofed for the life of the term as upgrades to the equipment are available during the rental agreement term. This can be accommodated under the facility by increasing the rentals for the remaining term.

Simplified Documentation

The school can enter into the School Council Solar Panel Rental and Installation Agreement with the finance program’s financier. Planet Ark Power would provide the O&M contract for the solar system O&M Services.


The billing, collection and administration are performed by the financier.