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Voltage Management as a Service

The decarbonisation of the energy system is one of the biggest challenges facing the world and grid operators have a critical role to play in the acceleration of clean energy. As we transition away from coal fired power stations to solar and wind generation, it creates new challenges to power quality, stability, and the secure operation of our electricity grid.

More resilient two-way grids

The compact and powerful eleXsys hardware and Ai based software helps to manage the stability and resilience of distributed solar and wind generation.

With the eleXsys grid edge technology we can design and implement solutions that address poor power factor, phase imbalance and electrical harmonics, in addition to providing voltage regulation and power conditioning services.

The operational benefits for your clean energy assets are that they operate at peak output generation, with a greater energy yield and return on investment. In addition, the electrical equipment can operate with higher efficiency, lower energy losses and improved reliability.

Voltage Management as a Service is equally applicable to new clean energy installations or for distressed or underperforming solar or wind assets.

The Benefits of an eleXsys StatCom

  • A scalable and cost-effective solution, Static Compensator (StatCom) device that manages power quality on low voltage networks.
  • Stabilise voltage on the transmission line, helps to increase productivity and increased utilisation capacity.
  • Manages the voltage on low-voltage networks by sinking inductive reactive power to reduce high line voltages and sources capacitive reactive power to boost line voltages when the line voltage is low.
  • Balance asymmetric loads and reduce line harmonics reduces system losses and enable less stresses on rotating machinery.
  • Circumvent solar and wind power curtailment to get the most out of your clean energy investment.
  • Increases import and export limits up to which power can flow onto the grid in both directions.