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Bringing clean energy to Australian Industry

Planet Ark Power is a leading Australian renewable energy company focused on providing comprehensive clean energy solutions that help businesses and organisations slash electricity costs and build a sustainable energy future. Our expertly engineered systems reduce businesses’ grid-supplied energy and demand charges, replacing them with clean solar power, battery storage, microgrid technology and improved efficiency. Our micro-grid systems enable businesses to access the benefits of exporting energy to the grid, revenue streams from demand response and allow network operators to smooth specific sections of the grid.

At our heart, we’re an innovative engineering company with a remarkable depth of knowledge and experience in energy and solar power. Our team of engineers has decades of experience in the energy industry. We take a holistic approach to energy management, focusing on the commercial and industrial sectors, educational and health organisations and government facilities.

Founded as GoZERO Energy in 2014, we partnered with Planet Ark in 2017, one of the most trusted environmental brands in Australia. Today, as Planet Ark Power, we are among the fastest growing clean energy providers in the country. In 2019, with the celebrated launch of our revolutionary technology, eleXsys, at the World Energy Congress, GoZERO Energy took on this name to become eleXsys Energy.

Established in 1992, Planet Ark is one of Australia’s leading environmental behaviour change organisations with a focus on working collaboratively and positively. The Planet Ark brand has 86% national brand recognition in Australia and is listed in the top five most “ethical and sustainable brands”.

Planet ArkPlanet Ark Power is an important initiative of Planet Ark encouraging a Low Carbon ecosystem by significantly growing commercial rooftop solar installations in Australia. Planet Ark has licensed GoZERO Energy Pty Ltd to trade as Planet Ark Power.

Planet Ark Power was founded to deliver large scale commercial rooftop solar installations to create a cleaner, greener distributed energy future.

We do this by transforming the economics of commercial rooftop with our solutions that overcome industry voltage regulation and overcome the restrictions regulating ZERO EXPORT of excess power.

The inability to export clean energy drastically reduces the ROI of rooftop solar and therefore the size of rooftop solar that is installed, that is – only a small portion of the roof is used.

With offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, we have the capability to install systems almost anywhere in Australia.

Planet Ark Power
Planet Ark Power


Commercial Rooftop Solar

Commercial and industrial solar energy systems built with leading-edge technology, engineered to fit your needs and budget.

Grid Connected Microgrids

Automated management of your clean energy system to boost efficiency and minimize costs.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We keep your system optimized to guarantee performance.

Holistic Energy System Solutions

Business application of solar and storage systems explained with cashflow positive results.

The energy market is largely built around having a limited amount of solar that you can put on to the grid or generate on to the grid any point of the time. The main reason is that there is a limit to the amount of solar that can be installed on the network, being the local solar generation increases the voltage on the network beyond the regulated range.

What we have done is build a new, world first, device that controls the voltage of the solar and that on the grid at the same time. This allows much more solar up to 100% of the local grid capacity to come back on to the network. Our calculations and modelling are showing that this is possible if you have the Planet Ark Power technology to do it.

Dr Bevan Holcombe