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Solar for Aged Care Facilities


Aged care is the support provided to older people with everyday living, accommodation and health care with dignity and compassion. The aged care sector has for many years led the charge for a more sustainable future through the responsible use of natural resources, the use of products and services that have positive social, environmental, and economic benefits and the adoption of solar power technology on their premises.

Factors that influence aged care energy consumption include increased activity and increasing floor area, and through the extensive use of air-conditioning, clean air filtration systems and refrigeration. With the aged care market expected to grow to cater for an ageing population, preserving energy and saving costs will become even more important in the future.


Roof Mounted Solar PV Systems for Aged CAre

A key challenge for the aged care sector is maintaining a high level of personalised service for residents whilst managing costs. Our goal is to increase operational efficiencies, deliver energy savings and sustainability reform that enhances aged care environments and improve the reputation of our clients.

Solar PV represents an opportunity to reduce your operating costs without impacting service levels or daily operations. Innovative finance models such as Power Purchase Agreement or Chattel Mortgage also enable savings from day one with no upfront capital outlay.

Solar is particularly attractive to aged care facilities for the following reasons.

  • Aged care facilities operate around the clock and with a consistent load profile. Most of the consumption occurs during daytime hours. By optimising the solar PV capacity most of the daytime load is offset by the solar generation coinciding with greatest energy and cost savings.
  • Aged care facilities have a high baseline energy consumption and electricity represents a significant cost to the organisation.
  • Solar offers significant energy and costs savings and helps protect against future increases in electricity costs.
  • Solar helps achieve internal sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Aged care facilities have large open roof spaces well suited for solar PV.
  • Aged care facilities have a long-term business outlook and solar represents an attractive investment.
  • Solar is a low-risk strategy to reduced operating costs.

“As you can imagine, the aged care environment is quite sensitive, and every contractor, every interaction we had with Planet Ark Power was exceptional.”

Fiona Kirk

Operations Manager, Regis Aged Care Pty Ltd.

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