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Power Factor Correction

Avoid reactive power penalties

A key challenge of large businesses is ensuring they are the most value out of the power they are paying for.

For businesses being charged a network demand charge, it pays to improve your power factor, correcting supply inefficiencies and reducing demand charges.

Power Factor Correction (PFC) provides immediate benefits including reducing power losses, reduced electricity bills and freeing up system capacity in electrical installations. Power factor correction is recommended for those sites where the power factor is less than 0.95.

Power Factor Correction may be installed by itself to reduce demand charges or in conjunction with solar PV to reduce energy consumption and demand charges.

For added flexibility, Power Factor Correction may be procured under our Voltage Management as a Service model, with minimal payment upfront with the service fee financed from savings achieved over the term of the agreement.

Achieve immediate cost savings

  • Achieve immediate cost and demand savings on installation.
  • Free up electrical capacity in your plant.
  • Power factor correction may be procured using our Voltage Management as a Service model with little capital outlay upfront.
  • We offer comprehensive product, installation and performance warranties.