Innovating commercial models with Battery as a Service

Battery as a Service is an innovative and very accessible commercial model that feature eleXsys technology combined with large capacity battery storage to deliver a suite of financial benefits and energy services. With minimal upfront costs, the Battery as Service model is attractive as it suits a range of sites and is easy to implement as it only requires a grid connection to charge and discharge the battery bank.

The eleXsys technology is used for power conditioning and create optimum conditions to enable the battery to operate at peak efficiency and at peak capacity.

The Battery as a Service model reduces financial risk and complexity and its suitability for different locations is driving the growth of Battery as a Service in our markets.

Battery as a Service allows commercial and industrial sites, campuses, government, and large energy users an opportunity to manage energy demand and reduce costs, enhance critical infrastructure, and create a new income stream without an initial capital outlay.

The developers of the battery solution take full ownership, from the supply of hardware and software to project finance and all operation and maintenance services. Battery as a Service also offers the opportunity to support your local electricity grid and create a new income stream by participating in the FCAS and Energy Arbitrage markets.

Battery as a Service is used for the following suite of services:

  • Grid Voltage Regulation
  • Harmonic Mitigation
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Power Conditioning
  • Phase Balancing
  • Peak Shifting
  • Peak Lopping
  • Back-Up Power
  • FCAS Trading
  • Energy Arbitrage

The benefits of Battery as a Service include:

  • Lower demand and network charges
  • A resilient and stable power supply
  • Back-up power for critical operational needs
  • Create a new income stream through FCAS trading and Energy Arbitrage
  • Achieve an attractive return investing in the clean technology sector
  • Zero initial capital expenditure