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Solar for Transportation Facilities

Driving solar savings

The Australian transport and logistics industry faces a range of challenges including vast distances, extreme weather, increasing demand and rapidly growing cities that rely on infrastructure investment. More efficient and sustainable transportation systems can help reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide environmental benefits to the Australian economy.

The solarization of our economy helps reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. It is also driving the growth of the electrification of trains and urban transport systems and the adoption of electric vehicles.

Our solar and microgrid solutions enable EV charging infrastructure whilst providing grid stability and voltage regulation services. Solar and battery storage also has applications for peak demand management and offsetting grid electricity use.

A sound investment for clean and sustainable transport systems.

  • Electricity and fuel inputs are a significant cost to business and commercial solar systems can help reduce these costs.
  • Transport organisations often have facilities with significant roof space to implement solar.
  • EV chargers will be required in remote locations where the grid is weak, necessitating solar with battery storage.
  • Solar offers significant energy and costs savings and helps protect against future increases in electricity costs.
  • Solar helps internal sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint.