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Solar for Property Groups


Property groups are usually large conglomerates that develop, own and manage a diverse portfolio of properties with varying uses and applications including retail, warehouses, business parks and logistics facilities. Most building types are expansive, energy intensive and costly to operate and maintain due to lighting and HVAC requirements, plus refrigeration and other mechanical services.

Property groups across Australia are exploring distributed energy solutions like solar, batteries, microgrids and power purchase agreements to reduce their costs, lower their exposure to fluctuating energy markets, to reduce carbon emissions, and to respond to growing customer demand.


Roof Mounted Solar PV Systems for Property Groups

With many property assets situated in prime locations and increasing pressures on tenant retention, property groups can take a more active and strategic role in energy management with the application of onsite solar PV, batteries, microgrids and voltage management.

Both onsite and offsite solar PV viable options for powering operations, solar PV is most feasible for business with high daytime loads and large roof areas. Large format buildings also lend themselves to Microgrid as a Service, where tenants enjoy wholesale rates for their electricity via a Power Purchase Agreement and where the property owner can earn recurring income with Microgrid as a Service auxiliary services.

Solar is a sound and practical investment for property groups and benefits include

  • Large format buildings are ideal for solar PV installations.
  • Tenants mostly operate during daylight hours with a constant load profile, daylight electricity demand can be offset from solar generation, creating significant cost savings.
  • Building owners that invest in solar can create a new income steam selling solar energy to tenants. Tenants can purchase solar energy at a cost less than grid electricity prices.
  • Tenants may elect to finance a commercial solar installation and enjoy the benefits of lower cost of energy for the term of their lease agreement.
  • Innovative finance models such as Power Purchase Agreement or Microgrid as a Service with no initial capital outlay to enjoy electricity at wholesale rates
  • Solar helps internal sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Solar is a low-risk strategy to reduced operating costs.
Case Study

“As a landlord, I am funding these systems under a finance structure that is cash flow positive from the outset”

Anthony Vedalgo

Morayfield Nominees

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