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Solar for Hospitals & Medical Facilities


Primary health network services including hospitals, specialist clinics and other medical facilities play an integral role in delivering quality healthcare to our communities. They help to deliver preventative services, palliative care and community outreach programs, support patient transport and emergency services, and enable professional training and scientific research.

The challenges for our health system include an ageing population, increasing demand on health services, rates of disease, rising costs, and leveraging health data and emerging technologies.


Roof Mounted Solar PV Systems for Medical Facilities

Hospitals strive to enhance patient wellbeing and aid the curative process while utilizing natural resources in an efficient, environment-friendly manner. Maintaining compliance, efficiency and quality of care whilst managing scarce resources remains a key operational challenge for healthcare administrators.

Solar PV represents an opportunity to reduce operating costs without impacting service levels or daily operations. By making the hospitals more energy-efficient, funds can be invested back into the health system and enhance service delivery. With a long-term view for building occupancy hospitals are well placed to consider innovative finance options such as Power Purchase Agreement or Chattel Mortgage enabling savings from day one with no upfront capital outlay.

Solar is particularly attractive to hospitals and medical facilities for the following reasons.

  • Solar delivers significant energy and costs savings that can be routed to improving operations and enhancing the delivery of healthcare services.
  • Medical facilities have a consistent load profile and high baseline energy consumption, and electricity represents a significant cost.
  • Solar energy and cost savings helps protect against future price increases in electricity.
  • Solar helps to achieve internal sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Medical facilities have a long-term business outlook and solar represents an attractive investment.
  • Solar is a low-risk strategy to reduced maintenance and operating costs.
Case Study
Group Linen Services

“We chose Planet Ark Power to install solar systems at two of our sites to help us remain competitive in a commercial environment…The process was completed safely and smoothly with minimal disruption to the daily operations of both GLS and the hospitals.”

David Chill

Director, Group Linen Services, Queensland Health.

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