Operations and Maintenance

Bayside College

It is important that regular maintenance is carried out on your solar system, regular maintenance will ensure that your solar system is operating safely, correctly, and efficiently.

Over time dust and debris collects on the solar panel surface, which may comprise system performance resulting in reduced output. In addition to water and moisture seepage, solar panels may deteriorate due to sunlight, hail, and vermin.

With regular routine maintenance your solar system is safe for everyone working or living in the premises and safe for the electrical workers working on the distribution network. Regular maintenance ensures your solar system is working at peak performance, maximizing energy yield and cost savings.

Performance Monitoring

At Planet Ark Power we believe in proactive system monitoring to provide the customer a real time view of system performance, anytime, from anywhere and from any smart device. To ensure the performance of the PV System, Planet Ark Power monitors the performance in real time and promptly investigates any suspected underperformance issues.

Preventative Maintenance

Service and maintenance of your solar system should only be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor or Clean Energy Council accredited solar installer. Our comprehensive maintenance program checks and reports the operation of the solar PV panels, solar PV inverter and the electrical balance of systems.