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Operations and Maintenance

The delivery of solar power without disruption maintains the stream of energy and cost savings benefits. Regular service is critical to maintaining the performance of equipment, avoid system downtime and to maximise solar yield.

With proper operation and preventative maintenance programs you can optimise performance and use over the life of your assets and prevent voiding manufacturers warranties.

Maximise uptime, lower cost

Every solar system that Planet Ark Power commissions is closely monitored at our centralized control room. This allows our technicians to monitor system performance, run detailed performance analysis, and to respond to faults and maintenance requests.

Our planned schedule of comprehensive preventive maintenance services reduces unplanned downtime, repair costs and loss of solar generation. Our service technicians work through an extensive checklist to ensure the solar plant is operating at peak performance. The benefit of regular maintenance helps to increase asset utilisation rates and life expectancy, and to ensure the system is operating at peak performance for maximum energy and cost savings.

Customised maintenance services

  • Mitigate health and safety issues
  • Guarantees system availability and response time
  • Minimise operational costs through preventative maintenance
  • Allows the business owner to focus on their core business
  • Manage vital administration
  • Facilitates real-time monitoring, analysis of plant performance and reporting
  • Benefit from the expertise and industry network of the O & M contractor