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Bayside P-12 College

Paisley & Altona North VIC

Bayside College is a public, multi-campus, co-educational P-12 college located in the City of Hobsons Bay in Melbourne’s inner west. With annual energy costs in excess of $150,000 and a significant drain on college finances, the leadership team sought a more beneficial financial, environment and community friendly solution.


Financing a large project was a concern for the college and Planet Ark Power worked to develop an innovative rental solution that successfully satisfied Victorian Government procurement requirements. Under the rental agreement, the solar systems are owned by a contracted third-party energy finance consultancy and designed, installed, operated and maintained by Planet Ark Power.

Minimizing the impact and disruption to the staff and student population across two campuses during installation was critical to the success of the project.


The Altona North Campus required a 99.66 kW system and the Paisley Campus 98.01 kW. Solar installations ran smoothly due to strong collaboration with the project team and school representatives.

The college chose to partner with Planet Ark Power for the comprehensive operation and maintenance program and ongoing support. The monitoring, reporting and access to real-time data on energy use have been incorporated into student learning and helping to increase environmental awareness.



CO2e Savings p.a.
Environmental Impact

Solar PV Installations
197.67 kW


more than 10 million dollars of energy savings with commercial solar

Annual Savings
Reduction in power cost

Installed November 2019, the 200 kW clean energy solution at Bayside Colleges Paisley and Altona North Campuses delivered immediate financial and environmental benefits – generating 167,000 kWh of electricity annually and reducing carbon emissions by 133 tonnes each year.

The solar systems not only set an environmental example, but they also support the college’s strategic plan to improve student engagement and wellbeing, to foster connectedness and to improve connections with the local community.

“ - Outline@2x
We entered into a rental agreement that has no upfront costs and Planet Ark Power maintains and operates the systems. The rent we’re paying is less than the cost of the electricity we’re offsetting. The cost benefit to the school is a no-brainer – it just made sense to us… Working with Planet Ark Power has been a wonderful experience. There’s been little disruption to the school. They are organized, efficient, and know what they’re talking about. They’ve been very supportive.

Andrew Harnett, Bayside College Principal.

To learn more about Bayside College visit their website at


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