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Siena Catholic College

Leaving behind a sustainable legacy for students for years to come

When the outgoing Principal of Siena Catholic College in Sippy Downs Queensland announced his retirement for the end of 2016, he wanted to be able to leave behind a legacy item for the school to benefit from for years into the future.

Siena Catholic College commissioned the installation of an 80 kW solar system from Planet Ark Power, generating approximately 120,000 kWh annually for the school.

Case details

Client name:
Siena Catholic College
Sippy Downs QLD 4556
December 2016

Siena Catholic College was looking for a way to reduce energy costs, reduce CO2 emissions and provide a more sustainable campus.

With many students onsite, the project had to be completed with several logistics, scheduling and construction restrictions, as well as to WHS guidelines. Planet Ark Power was able to design and implement an integrated, end-to-end solution.

Planet Ark Power created a large-scale solar system, consisting of:

  • 80 KW of rooftop solar using 308 solar panels and 3 inverters
  • Anticipated to generated 120,000 kWh to mitigate against cost of future energy price rises saving an estimated $75,000 in annual energy costs
  • Estimated annual emission savings of 92 tonnes of carbon (the equivalent 500,000 kms travelled by car).

The Siena College installation has been operating smoothly since its commissioning late 2016. The system has been a success and operated as a reference point for Planet Ark Power securing additional school sites for its commercial rooftop installations.


We have installed an 80kW system that meets the complete needs of the College and significantly reduce our $75,000 a year electricity bill

Graeme Hight, Siena Catholic College, Principal